What are Pakistani views about Hindus?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 18, 2020 04:41 PM

When we were children, Indian Soaps used to broadcast on our TV. When I saw the people worshiping Bhagwan in Indian Serials and their strong beliefs on Statue of Baghwan that it would fulfil all their wishes and would provide them with everything they want, used to look me quite similar to Muslims believe on Allah.

I, a child of 6, became agnostic and started questioning on the existence of Allah (I just realized that I was once an agnostic, lol). I started thinking if we, Muslims, have belief that Allah is the perfect Who listens our prayers and He is the creator of the Universe, the same beliefs Hindus have regarding Bhagwaan, so maybe Hinduism is also a true religion?

Maybe their Bhagwans are also real the way our Allah is real? Who knows the truth, maybe our Allah is fake (Astaghfirullah) and their Bhgwans are real, just we, Muslims, are unenlightened to the fact? Maybe both Allah and Bhagwaan are real and work parallel to each other? Later as I grew up, I reverted to Islam. But that’s the first time I deeply thought of Hinduism.

Next is when we used to see Diwali type of festivals on our screens. I also wanted this fun to celebrate in our house but my Mom refused as that is not part of our religion and culture and thus I became sad. But we never stopped watching Indian serials like Hatim, Shakalaka Boom Boom, Son Pari, Shararat, Dajjal and Bijli, etc. (What the days those were , I wish those days would never have ended).

Then the time passed and we read about Hinduism a little bit in our history book in class 5. I still remember some basics of Hinduism like they are divided into four castes. The uppermost caste is Brahmin, and the lowermost is Shudra. Shudras are regarded as the most distasteful and grubby people, even they are not allowed to touch the people of upper castes. Kshatriya ranked as second and they spend most of their time practicing war skills and learning to rule as they were rulers and kings who used to control the provinces.

Now come to the Pakistani Text Books and Media.

In Pakistani Text Books, sorry to say, Hindus are not portrayed well due to their role in The War Of Independence 1857 and in Partition. We read how Hindus betrayed Muslims in British Era and how Gandhi misguided Muslims etc.

Congressitis Vs Jinnah and Congress as pseudo liberal party backing up by Hindus and working for only Hindus that led to the cause of Muslim League as the only representative party of Muslims. Atrocities of Hindus towards Muslims are frequently mooted and stories of Hindus abomination towards Muslims due to religious differences. Rebuttal between Hindu and Muslim never ended well, which was also one of the reasons of emergence of Muslim League.

Pakistani Media isn’t very supportive towards Hindus either, sadly. But now the trend has really changed and minorities are actually given importance. Media is now painting good about Hindus, their love and support for Pakistan are also incomparable.

Overall Hindus are just as humans as us. They are intelligent and good people. They are loving like us, eating like us and most importantly, they are patriotic.

I know some Hindus on Quora like Dinesh Raj, Dewan Sachal Lakhwani and Shubman, etc. and they are all very nice people and very patriotic toward their country.

Even Indian Hindus like Rana Ashish, Avadhesh Khanna, etc. are also a very decent personalities and I have had a wonderful time with all of them..

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