What are pros and cons of 21 days lockdown?


What are pros and cons of 21 days lockdown?

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  1. Cutting to the chase:

    Pros first.

    COVID-19 will be out of business.
    Citizens will grow a habit of personal hygiene.
    Pollution levels will plummet.
    More sex.
    More dry swiping on Tinder and the allied.
    People will hit the brakes and discover life in a conscious manner. Books, movies and good music await us.
    No pressure and thus, Gross Happiness Index might improve.
    Injurious habits like smoking and drinking will affect less people. Beginners will be dissuaded heavily
    Scope for more content creation online.
    Work from home will be gauged in real time and it will be a cornerstone in the future in reference to diversity.

    Cons to be addressed:

    Economy will slump. But, if lockdown not done, it endorses the tag of 90’s kid.
    Rations will be stressed. Judicious usage needed.
    Community might get depressed due to lockdown. People to people connect crucial.
    On a lighter note, teen couples in a society will be in long distance relationships.

    10 vs 4 is not a bad deal.

    Verdict: Let’s have a lockdown.

    Comments welcomed. If you follow, I’m interested to know what made you follow and on what topics I should write more.

    Edit: Farmers will be affected economically as pointed out by Navdeep Gusain. Schemes like PM-KISAN should come to rescue so there is no ripple effect on subsequent cycles of agricultural produce.

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