What are some creepy Bollywood dialogues?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 17, 2020 04:01 PM

The Creepiest Dialogues Ever Uttered By Bollywood Villains

No Bollywood romance is complete without a villain. Every epic love story that Bollywood has ever created has one. In fact, if we were to describe a typical Bollywood villain, he’d be this shady-looking guy you love to hate but can’t ignore. And the creepier the villain, the more masaledaar the story. But apart from being all badass, these villains have some wit and humour to die for.

Here are 13 creepy dialogues that Bollywood came up with. The only rule here is don’t try to find any logic!

1. What a perfect rhyme to teach a 5-year old!

2.We have a life-hack here!

3. Stating the obvious?

4. He only helps those who help themselves. God might have to wait here!

5. ‘Keh ke lunga’ for the win!

6. ‘Ego’ pe jaana nahi!

7. Well, he has some serious biology lessons to give.

8. Forget liquid-solid-gas. This poisonous gas can create miracles.

9. X-Y chromosomes? Forget it. Another biology lesson here.

10. Got the difference?

11. Because sharing iscaring.

12. Genuine question, much?!

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