What are some examples of operating system software?

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Mudassir Ali
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A system software is a type of software designed to act as a platform for a computer’s hardware and application processes. They act as a pathway for the hardware and applications to interact with one another. Examples of key system software are:

An operating system is the main software that allows different parts of a computer to work together by translating data from one part to another.
A database is a collection of information stored within a computer system that can be easily organized and accessed electronically. It can be searched, indexed, referenced, compared or even changed at fast speeds and little processing expense.
A web application server is a software framework that provides facilities to create both web applications and a server environment to run them.
An assembler takes instructions made by the computer and converts them into a string of bits that allow the processor to perform its basic operations.
A device manager controls different devices plugged into a computer such as a mouse and a keyboard, translating the different instructions that a device inputs into a readable message that the system can understand.

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