What are some examples of technologies of the future?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 12, 2020 12:03 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 12:04 PM

The core, the source of almost all upcoming technologies of the future will center and rely on one of the most important developments ; Abundant super-high levels of cheap energy.

we are on the verge of a major industrial and economic transformation of our society and it all hinges on availability of cheap energy.
This will come, initially, with the 4th generation of Nuclear; Molten Salt Thorium, Pebble Bead, and Small Modular Reactors (heavily pushed by Bill Gates). It will then really take off with the advent of the 5th generation, Fusion Reactors, currently pioneered by the multi-national ITER project in Europe.

With this available energy, mass 3D production will ensue. The cost of smelting of steel, aluminum, and alloys drops significantly. Fabrication of goods becomes inexpensive. we start the move towards the “Post-Scarcity” era of human existence. This will also see the fabrication of the means of multi-level indoor warehouse farming, with up to 10 seasons of crops in small areas, with 95% less water expenditure and mass production of crops. Hunger will be massively reduced.

The most important current development of the coming future is the exponential and very rapid growth of a world middle class, with the rapid decline of the abject poor class. This is something that NEVER existed or happened in human history. The resources and material needs for this growing dominant class will rely on the new energy and technology sectors for sustenance. It cannot happen unless linked to the new energy factors.

Among the other technological developments we will see is nanotechnology, especially in the forms of medical technology. This will include engineering of viruses to specific purposes, like the destruction of harmful bacterial and even viral pathogens in the body. It will include the use of engineered nano-viruses towards destruction of tumors and cancers. The brain plaques that manifest in Alzheimer’s will most certainly be targeted, finally ridding humanity of one of the most pernicious and horrendous diseases ever. We will certainly see an enhancement of the quality of life of people, with extensions of lifespan that will see millions overtaking the 100 year mark.

The development of ion propulsion drive will seriously impact space travel. It has the capability of reaching 500K per hour, which with acceleration and deceleration will make a trip to the moon down to about 4 hours, a trip to Mars, approximately a week. The feasibility of “Warp Drive” will likely rise. The Alcubierre Drive concept may show more than plausibility, if the massively high energy needs for it can be achieved with Fusion energy. We may see travel to Proxima Centauri, the closest star system to us, by the end of this century.

I cannot fail to stress the importance of the expansion of an educated connected middle class dominant in the population of the planet. Their access to the world wide web, to knowledge and data, to enhanced education, will cause an explosive expansion of human society that will completely alter human existence on this planet

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