What are some good books about Pakistan’s history?


What are some good books about Pakistan’s history?

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  1. .) Mahabharat :: Talks about the History of Gandhar and other kingdoms.

    2.) History of Chanakya :: How Acharya Chanakya defeated the Greeks with the help of Chandragupta Maurya.

    3.) Indian Independence Movement.

    4.) History of the Sikhs, starting from Guru Nanakji to Guru Gobind Singhji.

    5.) History of the Sindhi community

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    It has been around 15 years since I looked at a school text book. However, what I do remember is that Gandhi was the good guy, Nehru wasn’t. Jinnah was the hero. Gandhi was a good guy because he fought British oppression/imperialism with legal prowess and impeccable patience and humility. His belief in non-violence was very well documented and praised in my school books. I also remember reading, in my history textbook, that Gandhi went on a hunger strike after Nehru refused to release the funds to Pakistan, funds without which Pakistan was unable to survive. Because of Gandhi’s hunger strike, Nehru eventually released these funds, and the text book revered Gandhi for this.

    Of course, these are just snippets from what I remember, I am sure there was more written about him. But it wasn’t negative, don’t remember anything negative being said/written about Gandhi.

    Though, I would like to add, that there should have been a lot more said about him, because he truly was a great human being.

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