What are some habits that will benefit you for a lifetime?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 31, 2020 12:01 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 12:01 PM

Listen more than you talk
Drink water first thing in the morning. It refreshes your systems.
Always tell the truth, its easier and sets your conscious free.
Network Network Network…. This will develop you and you will have more people who can vouch for you or your craft.
Stay fit, this will help you in doing tasks, in battling aging diseases, distract you from unwanted thoughts, drugs and activities.
Beleive in yourself. Never lose hope in yourself.
Go for health checkups regulary.
Always wake up early, you will have a more organized day.
Always have a source of income, no matter how little it is.
Learn something new that will build you, get you to your goals.
Stay positive always… No one likes people who whine every time.
Appreciate your small progresses, this will prepare you for the big ones to come.
Act your age, if you are young go to more events, if you are in school socialize more, if you are married spend time with your kids and partner. Wasted time is always painful when thought about in the future.
Enjoy what you already have, practice gratitude. Always remember you never had the things you have now.
Learn to prioritize. Start working on things with the highest priority going down.
Develop resilience. This will help you in times of trial, tribulations and lost hope. You will bounce back with no time.
Learn to say no… You don’t have to say yes to keep pleasing people if you feel a task is too tideous for you, a favour is way overboard and the pressure is too much just say no… Your mental health is more important than any task.
Read more and write more… Read more books that will develop you, financially, mentally, physically. Also write it helps in stress relieving.
Cook more often than you eat out. Home cooked meals are more healthier and you always have too much that might cover the whole day.
Save atleast 10% of your earnings.
Never stop learning.
Motivate yourself. You are your greatest supporter.
Honorable mentions :

Never ever pay for sex.
Always wear a condom.
Your mental health is the top priority. Guard it.
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