What are some hard facts about life?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 09:59 AM

Everyone will die. We’re all here on a temporary contract.
If you feel life is meaningless, that’s your fault.
The perfect partner doesn’t exist. Concentrate on finding someone who has a lot of qualities you like and the same values and build a fantastic relationship.
If you have to marry be careful what you’re getting into. Marriage is like a room without an exit.
Don’t marry if you can’t deal with zero-grazing.
Life is like a jigsaw puzzle or a game of chess. Find the pieces that fit together, play by the rules and make your move. You will win depending on the pieces you selected and the choices you made.
Everything ends. Youth, love, life, all end, and that’s what makes them valuable.
Life is not a movie. You can’t rewind it or watch its trailer. Everything must be planned with an artistic precision and an engineer’s mindset.
Figure out a way to solve a problem or shut up.
In order to succeed in life you have to figure out who you are first.
If you still fear death then you haven’t conquered yourself.
The greatest enemy of your success is not the devil. It’s the person you see every day when you look in the mirror.
People are notoriously selfish and as shrewd as a snake.
People spend 99% of their time thinking about themselves and only 1% thinking about others.
Everyone masturbates and most people’s minds are preoccupied with sex at least 65% of the time.
All humans are jealous. People with low self-esteem tend to be more jealous than others.
People tend to sincerely believe that their negative opinions of others are truthful facts.
When a man is talking to a beautiful woman he is not really paying any attention to the conversation. He is only undressing the woman naked in his mind.
You can actually tell if a person is lying by looking straight into their eyes for it takes 5 times more mental effort to lie than to tell the truth.
Beauty can be deceptive. 75% of the people who are handsome or beautiful can get away with crime simply by their looks.
Appearance and behavior are two completely separate qualities. People will always vote for a corrupt, good looking, sweet-talking, smartly dressed guy than for an average-looking Joe who has integrity.
People will always pay more attention to a drug lord who has a million dollars than to a poor fellow who has wisdom.
Aging is a reality of life yet no one is able to come to terms with it. That’s why people spend millions of dollars on anti-aging products.
If you ask most people why they don’t want to start a business the reason they will give is that they don’t have capital or some other excuse, but the truth is that they’re scared to death.
Women are probably twice as horny as men, yet it takes them 5 times as much effort to approach men.
Women discern danger much earlier than men do, but men will never admit it for fear of embarrassment.
People fear embarrassment more than they fear death.
Greed is more deadly than hunger.
Life is best enjoyed when you’re in pairs.
Life happens. Poverty and riches happen. People pass on.

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