What are some harsh realities of life?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 31, 2020 09:56 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 09:56 AM

Friday evening I was travelling by metro. As I got down at the station a lady approached me.

Now I have a habit of reading book while travelling. Sometime after deboarding the metro I stand at the station and keep on reading until that chapter finishes off.

1st Feb. Time – 20:30 hrs.

I deborded the metro and kept on walking on the platform at a slow pace, reading the book and lost in it.

I felt a hand on my shoulder from the back. I ignored once. Again I felt something. I looked back and saw a lady. She might be in her mid 40’s. She asked me to stop and help her.

She said that she is short on money and asked me to help her with some.

I asked politely, what happened ?

I reached at the wrong station and wanted to go somewhere else. Please help me with some money, she requested.

How much do you need ? Just 100 rupees. I gave her 300 rupees as she was looking desperarely at my wallet as I was pulling out the money.

She said thank you with a smile. I left the place without reacting. No reply, no smile. Just had a second thought, what if I didn’t help her. Was she really in trouble or was lying. But she looked desperate for help. I know others might have ignored her.

Does it cost anything to be nice to someone and help them ? I asked myself.

Keeping aside all the thoughts, I felt good for helping her.

Saturday evening, same time

I deborded the metro, and kept on walking. Since the book had only last chapter to finish, I decided to read it before I sleep.

To my surprise, I saw the same lady again. She was talking to a girl.

I stood there for few moments, just to observe what happens next. The girl smiled, opened her bag, pulled out a currency note and gave it to her. She said thank you and went ahead. She approached another man and did the same within minutes.

I was dumbstruck with this act of her. Yes, this was her daily routine as I realised.

Slowly I moved forward and stared at the lady. She recognized me. She started moving towards the space reserved for ladies to board the coach.

Metro came, as the door opened, she stared at me and then borded the train. She left the station.

I was not angry, neither I felt cheated.

I just got the answer I asked to myself a day before.

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