What are some interesting facts about Saudi Arabia?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 18, 2020 04:22 PM

Here are some interesting facts about Saudi Arabia that some people are not aware of:

About half of the population is under the age of 24.
Mecca and Medina, located in Saudi Arabia, are considered to be Islam’s holiest places. Non-Muslims are not allowed to step foot on these sacred grounds.
Almost 60% of the laborers in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. This is especially true in the service and oil sectors.
Education, including college and post-graduate schooling, is free in Saudi Arabia.
With a size of 830,000 square miles, Saudi Arabia is the 13th largest country in the world.
Saudi Arabia’s royal family is worth $14 trillion.
Beef isn’t part of most Saudi’s diets. In fact, traditional Saudis prefer to consume camel.
Saudi Arabia has the largest sand desert on Earth.
They provide free public health care services.
Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s tallest water fountain named King Fahd Fountain.


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