What are some mind blowing facts about China every Indian should know?

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Originally Answered: What are some mind blowing facts about China every Indian should know ?
China trying to divert flow of Bramhaputra River.
China is testing techniques that could be used to build a 1,000 km long tunnel—the world’s longest—to divert water from the Brahmaputra in Tibet to the parched Xinjiang to turn it into California.
The water would be diverted from the Yarlung Tsangpo river in southern Tibet, which turns into the Brahmaputra once it enters India, to the Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang. China’s longest tunnel is the 85km Dahuofang water project in Liaoning province.
India already feels threatened by China’s projects in the Tibetan plateau to reduce river flows into India. Diversion of the Brahmaputra is an idea China does not discuss in public, because it implies devastating India’s northeastern plains and Bangladesh, either with floods or reduced water flow.
China’s Monster Three Gorges Dam Is About To Slow The Rotation Of The Earth

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Three Gorges Dam, China crosses the Yangtze River in Hubei province, China. It the world’s largest hydroelectric power station by total capacity, which will be 22,500 MW when completed. When the water level is maximum at 175 meters (574 ft) over sea level (91 meters (299 ft) above river level), the reservoir created by the dam is about 660 kilometers (410 mi) in length and 1.12 kilometers (0.70 mi) in width on average. The total surface area of the reservoir is 1045 square kilometers, and it will flood a total area of 632 square kilometers, of land. The reservoir will contain about 39.3 cu km (9.43 cubic miles) of water. That water will weigh more than 39 trillion kilograms (42 billion tons).

A shift in a mass of that size would affect the rotation of the Earth due to a phenomena known as the moment of inertia, which is the inertia of a rigid rotating body with respect to its rotation. The moment of inertia of an object about a given axis describes how difficult it is to change its angular motion about that axis. The longer the distance of a mass to its axis of rotation, the slower it will spin. You may not know it, but you see examples of this in everyday life. For example, a figure skater attempting to spin faster will draw her arms tight to her bodies, and thereby reduce her moment of inertia. Similarly, a diver attempting to somersault faster will bring his body into a tucked position.

Raising 39 trillion kilograms of water 175 meters above sea level will increase the Earth’s moment of inertia and thus slow its rotation. However, the effect would extremely small. NASA scientists calculated that shift of such as mass would increase the length of day by only 0.06 microseconds and make the Earth only very slightly more round in the middle and flat on the top. It would shift the pole position by about two centimeters (0.8 inch). Note that a shift in any object’s mass on the Earth relative to its axis of rotation will change its moment of inertia, although most shifts are too small to be measured (but they can be calculated).

EDIT: Adding some more facts Indians should know

3. CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor): China is helping Pakistan to build a corridor which is basically a collection of infrastructure projects like modern transportation networks, numerous energy projects, and special economic zones. A web of roads and rail network will be build under this project. It is said that the reason behind this development is China requires less amount of resources and money to ship petroleum and other items through Pakistan than to ship it all the way from sea route. China recently stopped funding CPEC

More details can be found on Wikipedia

4. Ports: Recently China made Sri Lanka(struggling with debt) to give up one of its port and China has large number of ports access in the whole world.
Following map shows Chinese investment in number of different ports

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