What are some must have Android apps?

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Mudassir Ali
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My answer is gonna be long and descriptive but it is gonna worth your time.

Here are the apps I am giving from my personal experience.


Have you ever been in a situation that you are at a party and DJ is playing some really cool music and you don’t know the name of the songs? You don’t have any idea of the name of the song and you want it so badly? Well, this app can guess each and every music or song from this world. You just gotta give it a chance to listen to the song for a few seconds.

It can even copy the entire playlist that is being played at the party. You must try this app.

Here is the basic view of the app:-

Here are some songs I’ve Shazamed:-

2. MusixMatch

In simple words, it is a music player. What makes it special? It provides perfectly synchronized lyrics of the music that is being played. It even gives the translation of the song. English, Hindi, French no matter what song you play with this player, you will have its lyrics (along with translations) in perfect synchronization with the song.

Here’s the basic view:-

I played a French song. Look at the synchronization and translation I am getting.

Available translations:

Even while using other apps like Spotify or YouTube, you get lyrics with a pop-up bubble on the screen.

3. Ginger Keyboard

Not everyone is a native English speaker. I am also not a native speaker. People like me whose mother tongue is not English tend to make a lot of mistakes. Even native people can make mistakes. But Ginger Keyboard is the solution to all of us. It can point out mistakes in your writing. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, all kind of mistakes. It makes everything easier for me.

The other perk of using Ginger is that you can play games on it. Yes, it is the only keyboard which gives gaming experience. There are total 6 games for now. You can play games while still being in the chat.

I am not gonna type every feature here, but you can try the keyboard to learn more. It is amazing.

Let’s put it in the test. Here’s the raw writing with so many mistakes.

This is what Ginger did in a matter of click:-

There are 6 games.

I played 2048 to show you.

4. Zapya

I am sure many of you have encountered difficulties while transferring files from one device to another. I used to use Bluetooth before WiFi Direct came out. But WiFi is still not that reliable. This app makes the hotspot on one device and connects to that hotspot WiFi on the other device. In this way, we get better speed.

Moreover, you can connect iPhone to Android or vice versa. It can be even used to share files across windows and mac. There are many other features in the app. Install it. Try it.

This is the main interface of the app.

5. ES File Explorer

No matter what phone do you have. Your file explorer sucks and I really mean it. Each and every phone I have tried comes with a useless explorer. You need to change it today.

It would require me hours to discuss the features ES File Explorer have. I am leaving it on you to explore this explorer.

However, this is the basic interface it has.

6. MX Player

Video player I couldn’t imagine my life without! If you are not a user of it, buddy, you haven’t born yet. It is the most reliable player designed till now. It supports almost every format of video. I can not explain it features. You need to experience it yourself to truly understand it.

However, the valuable feature that is coming into my mind right now is the subtitles feature. You can play the whatever movie or tv show on this player and there’s a feature in it that helps to download its subtitles without leaving the app. It is very beneficial.

The basic interface is like this.

7. Youtube Vanced

Ah, Youtube! Who doesn’t use it? YouTube is the biggest media platform. Almost everyone uses it. Sometimes it happens that you are listening to music on YouTube and a text message pops up. You are bound to stay in the app to continue to listen to music. You cannot leave it. It will stop the music. The solution is, start using YouTube Vanced.

It is not on the play store. You can search it on Google and download it.

Look at the main interface. I am using a black one. It saves my battery and helps my eyes at night.

Do you want to do something else while watching the video? Pop the video out.

Do you want to listen to it in the background? Well, you can do that too. Here it is.

8. Team Viewer

I don’t know about you but sometimes I happened to be in need to use my laptop. But the problem is, I am not at home. What should I do? Use Team Viewer to access your computer. You can use it to fix other people computers from your mobile too. I often fix the computers of my friends by accessing their computers from my mobile or computer.

For example, I wanna check if the files I have been downloading on my computer are downloaded yet. But I am too lazy right now to go to the other room and check the computer. Let’s use TeamViewer.

Lol, everything is already downloaded.

9. SpinMe Alarm Clock

One of the most innovative alarm clock is here. I often used to snooze my alarm clock unintentionally and wondered what happened. Why didn’t the alarm wake me up? But this app, it forces me to get up. How? It doesn’t let me snooze. In fact, it asks me to get up from the bed and spin two times to turn off the annoying bell it is ringing. Good idea. Right?

I have a lot of other apps to share but I am getting tired of writing. I will update it later, so stay tuned.

PS: Each and every app I mentioned here is available on play store except that Youtube app. It can be downloaded from the browser directly. Most of the apps I mentioned are also available for iPhone on apple store.

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