What are some of the best Bollywood dialogues we failed to notice?

Mudassir Ali 9 months 1 Answer 77 views

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  1. There’s this movie that I genuinely fell in love with.

    A slightly underrated one, but nevertheless sweet one.

    I liked the story telling of the movie, which made this relatively simple movie a very warm one.

    Well, there’s this scene in the later half of the movie where the hero almost misses the heroine’s birthday as he’s busy with his new found love.

    He arrives to the heroine’s place quite late, where the lady is sitting in dark, obviously pissed.

    In an attempt to alleviate her insecurity, the hero says

    Tomorrow, I’ll be with you for the entire day, just you and me, and I’ll compensate for today’s loss.

    To which the heroine’s reply is one of the most classical reply from a friend that I’ll ever hear

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