What are some of the secrets of you as an adolescent which you want to share?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 03, 2020 12:24 PM

1st incident (sex with my aunt)

We lived in a combined family at that time. I was in class 11th school summer vacations were running, my aunt who is the wife of my real uncle she always gave special attention to me pamper me always say good in front of others about my behavior and studies. She has a 2 yr kid my cousin and I always went to uncle’s room to play with him. One day when I went to her room my cousin was sleeping on her chest like many babies my aunt was reading some novel I don’t know how but I asked her to give me permission to sleep like my cousin laying on her. I surprise she gave permission to me, I put my right cheek between her breast, she wears a blouse, the hook of the blouse irritated my face everything I turned my face then I asked her can i unhook it as it gives pain to me and she unhooks her blouse now I can clearly see her red bra and brown nipple clearly visible from transparent bra. I stayed in the same position for next 10min again I asked aunt can I see your balls as I have never seen anyone. She said only for one-time to show her balls and unhook her bra and I removed it completely now able to see two milky boobs and started sucking like anything. That was the first time we both involved in any sexual activity after that we had sex so many times but never penetrate my penis and this was continued for the next 3‐4 years. We had nude baths, oral sex she always helps me to do masturbates after that I have completed my engineering and went to Pune for the job hunt.

2nd incident (sex with my maid)

I was in Mumbai working in a software company and living with my 4 other friends in a 2bhk apartment. We hired a maid to cook food and household works her name was shubhdra and she belongs to Himachal and worked for her family support. One day I took leave from office to take rest, she came around 12.30 for preparation to food and in our common talk, she asked me about my gf. I told her I don’t have any gf yet than discussion went to other directions about her menstruation cycle as she wanted to take leave for the next day because of weakness. I said ok and dragged her in to more serious sex conversations about her sex life with his husband who worked in Himachal as a driver and how she managed to control her urge to have sex ,suddenly she came in front of me and ask me to touch her boobs at that time I was also excited and start pressing her boobs put both of my hands in her blouse from behind rubbed her nipple and she turned on and move my hand told me to wait for 3 more days then we can have a real session as her MC is running and she didn’t want to ruin this opportunity. After 3 days I took leave and she came early that day by 11 and I was ready with all stuff protections, oil, sprymint, neat and clean bed and we did everything that day. This was continued for next 6-7 month than we moved to ..different place. She was ok with this as we did everything with mutual understanding.

3rd incident (sex with my niece)

She is 9 years younger than me study in class 12th at that time in Mumbai away from her home town. She called me mama and always told me, I have a crush on you if we were not relative then I would marry you definitely and I always laugh about her silliness.

She used to live with her grandparents(nana,nana,mama,mami). One day they all went for a family outing for days and told me to take care of her. That day we had i dinner together and go for a walk, she told me how she was harassed by her Mami -Mami and all other things and insisted me to stay with her for one night. I decline her proposal because of the wrong consequences but after so many requests i agreed.

She was in pink 3 piece nighty we were in the bedroom and listening Radio FM 93.5 “Raat Baki Baat Baki”. It was around 12.45 she told me

Mama, I bought one dress for party wear.

I Said show me and it was the awesome dress I piece dress, I don know what is the pattern name of that dress.

She asked me do you want me to wear this

I Said, Yes.

She went to the bathroom and came out with that dress. She was looking ravishing and what i noticed that she didn’t wear a bra and her nipple shape is clearly visible. But i ignored it that time.

Again we were in the bed and she puts her finger on my lips told me I always used to sleep like this to put her finger in her Mom’s lips. I said It’s ok you can put your finger. Then all of sudden I feel her breathing very close to my face. She slowly moves towards me and touches her lips with my lips, the only wall between our lips was her finger i removed her finger and start smooching slowly touches her balls and feel her deeply. She put her hand inside my pant and then slowly we both undressed each otherand did oral sex all night till 5 AM.

Next morning we had a long discussion about what we did last night and decided as we both enjoyed a lot so will continue this whenever we can manage it. For the next two days, we had sex again and still, we are attached to each other. We both got married I have a kid now and she settles down with his husband in Canada but still we do sex chat sometime skype chat and do whatever possible through mobile and internet.

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