What are some of the secrets of you as an adolescent which you want to share?

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  1. I remember one day when I was coming home from college, I saw a very sexy girl in the bus. She stood in front of me in the crowded bus. I loved her figure. I came home and wanted to masturbate hard. Everytime I masturbated, I bolted my door but that day, I forgot because this incident was going to happen. I was watching porn and masturbating really hard and was about to cum when my mom opened the door. To our surprise, I squirted hardly and it went straight on her face. I felt embarrassed and didn’t say anything. She shut my door in anger and went away. I was shattered. I thought I had angered her. 2 mins later she came in my room, naked and with a condom in her hand. She told me to use it for vaginal sex. I never thought of anything like this. She pushed me onto the bed and started to suck my cock. Soon she told to go anal. I was shocked. We had fast sex and I came in her ass. She screamed throughout anal. Then she told me to put on the condom and we had fast vaginal sex. I finished soon. She went back to her room and slept. Next morning I told her that I love her the same as before and kissed her on her forehead. I apologized for the previous night. She told that she loved it. Since then, we have weekly protected sex sessions. I love her.

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