What are some of the worst ways people died in World War 2?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 03, 2020 03:05 PM

Lieutenant Yakov Stalin (Stalin’s son) was captured in the opening weeks of Operation Barbarossa.

After Stalin Refused to trade him for Field Marshal Paulus (Stalingrad Commander). Hitler decided that Stalin’s son should repeatedly tortured in an attempt to break his mind for use in anti Soviet propaganda.

The day came when Yakov realized he was about to break so he squired a small pencil which he used to repeatedly stab himself in the neck…. but he was unable to find his jugular vein… so he gouged out the veins in both his arms bathing him in river of his own blood… but he became afraid he would black out before he bled out… so he wrapped himself in the flea infested blacked from his bed to hide his wounds and walked out into the prison yard…where he jumped onto the inner ring of razor wire.. the wire cut deep… but he wrenched himself free tearing chunks of flesh from his legs… a sentry fired at him before realizing who it was… but poor Yakov was still not dead… so grabbed both hands onto the electrified central fence… but the current was insufficient to kill him instantly… but it was enough to set his blanket on fire burning his face and hair… the camp was in an uproar and as the electricity cooked the young man from the inside out.. he finally succeed in attaining the death he did not want.

And just you want till daddy hears what happens to Junior …

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