What are some of your best tips for writing technology content?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 12, 2020 11:12 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 11:12 AM

Technology content speaks to vendors’ customers. These include CIOs, VPs of IT, and other decision makers (a.k.a. members of the buying team). Be aware that some of these people may not be IT folks, but line of business, security and compliance people.

Take an analyst’s approach. Read as much as you can about technology trends, products and companies. Get fluent in terminology. Understand the fundamental drivers of a particular space. Then zero in on your vendor-client’s space in particular and their technology solution. Ask about the company’s vision for the space, their mission, and see whether the portfolio matches with these and market trends. Research competitors to understand relative offerings and positioning.
Add a sales approach. Understand the composition of buying teams (the personas your client is selling to). Learn their needs, pain points, business objectives and risks. Conferences are one of best places to learn these by listening to what potential buyers are asking about. Sales reps are another good source. Tech content is hard. You can’t write good content unless/until you understand what customer problem or objective the technology solution is aiming to solve.
Message to the customer. A lot of tech content focuses on features and benefits from the vendor’s perspective. But the key to connecting with buying team members is for content to address benefits from their perspective. What’s in it for them? What differentiates this technology solution from competitors?
Match content to the customer buying cycle. Customers do up to 80% of research before they want to engage with sales. They look for different content in different formats along the buying cycle.
Follow the “4Cs”. Tech content is challenging because the concepts and technologies are complex. Keep the content Clear, Concise, Consistent and Compelling. The better and faster the buying team can consume the content the easier it is to move them through the buying cycle. Nuance the content to the buying team personas because they have different levels of understanding and interests. (i.e. the VP of IT cares more about the specifics of the technology and how it fits in their environment, while the compliance person is more concerned with how the solution meets regulatory requirements). This may warrant separate pieces that address these different concerns/needs.
Establish your own thought leadership. Publish your own articles or blogs to demonstrate your knowledge and what you’ve learned from experiences – both with tech vendors and their customers. In tech, there is usually more than one way the customer can address their need. Help them identify which technology solution may be the best path for them.

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