What are some of your dirtiest secrets as an adult that only you know about?

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Mudassir Ali
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It was all began years ago when I was in 10th standard.

We live in one middle class cooperative housing society in Mumbai. There was this lady in our building. Quite elder to me in her early 30s.

During various functions, festivals and other events I used to always interact with her. She has two young children.

She has above average height of 5’6 and healthy body. Strong personality. Fair complexion.

We used to organize events in our complex. During that times, there was frequent communication between us. As to what is the time, how it will be arranged. She used ask me regarding various updates.

She has curvy body. Straighten hair. Cleaned waxed body. Eyes are small… Long face… Dark hair. She colours it.

Her Ass comes out of body. I used to imagine her tight Ass while mastrubation. I had this fantasy to make her nude and lick her Ass. Bite it.

One day she asked me to call to inform when the event is going to start. It was Christmas Party on our terrace. So I called her when there was some ladies crowd on the terrace.

It was year 2003. That was Christmas vacation time and everyone was relaxed. The event was joyful. We had santa… And kids had fun. After that there was dinner and then everyone kept chit chatting with each other for long time.

This was the first time when I actively interacted with her. She thanked me for informing her. And said, it takes bit time for getting ready. we smiled at each other.

she asked where do I study… My academics. She also asked about my future plans…

She stays on 3rd floor and I on 2nd floor. Our building is 4 storeyed.

she also shared few things about her. She is from Mumbai and studied college in commerce and so on. By that time it was late night.

I had mobile phone in my junior college as I used to go to other area of city.

(This clicked the communication between us) That Night We shared cell numbers.

We wrapped up and went down towards homes… I said bye to her. She also acknowledged.

The big surprise is yet to come.

When I reached home… And I was about to sleep. I received SMS, Good Night from her. I replied. This was some how turning point of story, this ensured that SMS and Cell phone is a way to stay in touch… And perhaps all the time.

Days gone … I started messaging her frequently. She also liked to chat. One day I asked if I can call her. She said, not all the time but in certain time slots I can. She rather said, She will call when she can.

While talking we discussed alot about our choices and Favourite actors, items, food etc.

Curiously, she asked whether I have girlfriend. The subtle reply to this question and timely sense of humour made me winner.

I said, If I had girlfriend then Why I must be talking with you now. She laughed for few seconds.

This was much needed frankness. She understood that I am interested in her.

Her’s is a nuclear family, She, her husband, and two kids. She got married at quite a young age 21.

Her husband is a businessman and has a shop in old business area of Mumbai.

Husband is into Timber / Furniture and Other accessories supply.

Her in laws stays in her house as well as in their native place, and at her brother in laws house which was in our region only. They keep on shifting every month or so.

We had good chat, and shared our secrets. Yes, I told her how I used to watch porn films during my school days. And Believe me it was all fun. We also gossip about our society. She used to call me at her home, specially during weekdays and afternoons. we used to chit chat alot…

It is a great feeling to fall in Love at that age. I was in Love with her and she was also.

I expressed her that I like her. I like her frankness and the way she talks. Her understanding is just next to exception.

She said, she liked me too. I have nothing but a real sense of humour and great understanding. She says, I have great ability to communicate.

In few months we started talking alot on cell phone, Like Hours daily. In those days, It was tough to do so, as cell phone bill was not that pocket friendly.

One day I said to her, when I was at her home, I Love You.

She shied like anything… hiding her eyes all the way.

She said, I Love You tooooooo… You are my Jaan. We hugged.. And kissed, it was first smooch of my life… It went on for 1 minute.

FROM that day, things had changed for much better things. I was in junior college, not to forget my crucial years of life. I shared with her everything. And as true Love, she supported me. Within No time, she spotted that, in housing society, it can get noticed that I visit her house frequently. She expressed this to me. I said, there is absolutely no need for me to visit your house, as children’s are there, and they can come to house anytime. They used to go to Tution, that time I used to go to her house.

I used to be in Classroom most of the time in vacation (11th vacation) that time was the toughest time for us. She used to call very frequently, as I used to go to other station for classes, and used to come by 9pm.

Although, Contact was continuous, meeting was equally important.

During summer, some of the residents used to go to terrace for walk. She told me, she will start going to terrace after 10pm.. For an hour and I should visit terrace during same time, so we started doing it.

This went quite well, but physical attraction was always a bottomline for me to fall in love with her. Kissing was more frequent between us. I used to kiss her alot. She was really very comfortable with me. I started making her a bit uncomfortable. When It was dark on terrace, I used to squeeze her Ass… It was really nice feeling. It used to do it very often. Then one night we went in one corner of terrace, it seemed there was very few people on terrace, that too on other side… I smooched her… And squeezed her boobs, she was moaning. I said, I Love You Riya. She was just out of control i tried to make her more satisfied but it wasn’t possible.

She asked to take me out my cock. That was really awkward and Risky moment. I did, she took my pennis in her hand and gently shake it for sometime. I said, it is not possible for me to sustain it…i will come anytime. She said, come out… This was the first time when I cum with someone else’s efforts on my cock. I cum in that corner of terrace… It was just simply amazing experience.

It was the time that We should have sex. As it was vacation time, it was really tough. But one evening she managed it and ask to me come to her house.

We had 2 hours.

Went to her bedroom, she was wearing nighty. She unlocked hooks and became half naked. I also did so… For the first time I hugged her in such clothing… We fallen on bed. Wildly kissing each other… She opened her bra.. Gave her boobs to me. I sucked it. She turned on very quickly.

What I loved and I still love is her big, rubbery Ass… I just moved my hands over those smooth silky lobes… Wow. Made her naked.

She is so beautiful. As I watched alot of porn. I was aware of few things. I removed her panty. And rubbed her for a while… She was completely out of control. I asked to sleep in the middle of bed… Open her legs… And I licked her pussy… It was best time I ever had till that date … Opening her pussy and licking it all the way. I did it for fairly long time. She had condoms with her. She quickly put one… And came over me. We locked tongues and sucked it while she took my cock inside her warm pussy. I was handling her ass… Squeezing her.. Slapping it. She pumped her pussy… Shook her waist skillfully.

Then I come over her.. Fucked her… That time I come to know… I can last long… She came in-between…Moaning… I Love You Yash, Love you baby… Fuck me… Yes…and The Orgasm

After few minutes… I drained myself all the way inside her pussy. She was very quick to take out condom… Wrapped it in tissue and throw outside of the flat.

She came back and slept beside me. We literally slept for half an hour. Fortunately I woke up. I shook her.. And asked we spent already more than an hour.

Again, We had fun for sometime… This time.. She sucked me… Wow… She has this skill of making me cum… Sucked hard… And I cum in her mouth… She cleaned my cock..with issue and cleaned it with towel.

Finally we were done for the day.

We relaxed for a while in living room.. She made a hot cup of coffee. Together we had coffee, then I left.

This made us complete. She fallen in love with me and I also completely fallen in love with her. I felt so lucky to have her.

As I was in 12th, I had discussed with her my concern for studies and strong career. She was equally concern though. Whenever I felt like having sex, we had sex, in initial months it was quite frequent. Then it reduced gradually.

I think, due to this sex, I became mature when it came to girls, sex, affair etc. I had a strong back up with me. My Love. She supported me from depth of her heart.

I did well in 12th so in Engineering Entrance Exam. She was very happy to hear this. I get into one of the best colleges in Western Mumbai. It was a tough time, as the engineering CET and all other stuff became a big mess due to court cases. That batch took good time to start engineering first year.

Over the years, Things changed, She slowly became a close associate of our family. This ensured somehow greater safety.

She is in her 40s now. Her Sons became adult. Both of them are working now.

I passed out of my college, did MBA and joined a software firm in Mumbai.

Over the years, everything remained more or less the same. In our relation we had ups and downs. But I firmly believe she is the one with whom I can share anything, and same thing for her.

Frequency of Sex is reduced to great extent. Most of the time, talks were about her family issues, children etc. Due to this we had bitter times as well.

Her husband had to go to out station and remain there for 7-10 days. This was the period when could meet in real. Due to her sons, I stopped visiting to her house, unless it was really needed and urgent.

We decided to ensure less interaction and whatever it is, through whatsapp and other messaging apps.

I just love to fuck her. Don’t know what happened, but I am dependent on her. She Loves to get fucked by me. As she knows very well, about my passion for sex. She drives me everytime.

Slowly slowly.. Fantasies grew, Over the years I always noticed in her bold woman, rather I would say a girl. She always wanted to have someone who love her. And I was that person. I think, with my age I became more mature.

As I started going in outside world, she asked me about other women and girls. I did tell her everything, like affairs and girls modern attitude. Self centric approach. She notice it in society as well. I said, this is nothing but a generational change which is bound to happen.

I used to drink occasionally, and how will I hide this from her?

She wanted to do something adventurous, which I noticed.

She asked me to plan for a one day picnic in resort, where we will have drinks and sex. We went to this nearby resort, 15kms away… Enjoyed.

She, Riya, got friendly with one woman who stays in same complex as ours.

She is friendly with many other women. But this friendship was quite close. As I said earlier, our complex celebrates many festivals and events. During such interactions connection becomes stronger. Both of these ladies were pretty much interested in chit chatting and boldness. They were much into makeups and personal healthcare.

Due to the Two adult boys, I virtually stopped visiting her house. But both of these boys are also my good friends.

These two ladies became so close, that she shared with her, the affair which she has with me. Tina, is almost 12-15 years younger to Riya.

Dusky looks, has two young children. Aged 13 and 9. She got married very young.

Riya shared with me much about her, like her family, in laws and all. Tina stays in Joint family. So has bit limitations to go out and enjoy. This somehow got her closed to Riya.

Now, both are really good friends.

Tina has problems with her family and that’s why distance apart from them.

Tina most of the time stays in Riyas house whenever she can. They enjoy each other’s company. As she shared this Secret with her. The things changed in completely different way.

Now a days, I prefer to take Riya to some distant lodge. To have sex with her. It was no more safe to have sex in her house. We are completely mad about each other when it comes to sex. She often demands frequent sex. But when I am in No Mood things get bitter. It is the case with all relations. It can’t be kept happy all the time.

Now, One day, we were in this hotel in near locality. We checked in around 11am and was about to stay in till 6pm.

Over the years she knows now, I love to have sex with her and she also does the same with me. We are basically sex partners and the best thing is, the trust, secrecy. She knows I crave for sex sometimes.

We usually check in around same time, and enjoy in room for almost 6 hrs. We have had bath together, enjoy sex. I just like to bang her Ass alot. So I do so. Just feel awesome to slap her chubby asss.

That day we had sex and were relaxing in room, Riya asked me, What if we have threesome.

That was a shocking question. I said, I didn’t get you. She said, what if someone joins us… I said, what you mean to say. She said, what if I get one more lady. I was not able to comprehend for almost 2 minutes. I said, this best kept secret will leak if someone joins here.

I said, Who will join? She said, Tina. Her friend who stays in our complex, she(Tina) asked her so. It was surprising to me that A mature lady in her mid 40s is ready to do this. Because we were enjoying this without much hurdle.

I said, won’t that be a threat to on going things?

She said, No. She is a good friend of her and she will keep secrecy as well as confidentiality.

I said, Let’s not discuss this now. We did not have sex that day after this conversation. Left early around 4pm.

I felt like, I am being used by this lady.

She called in late night to ask what is my opinion, I said, we will look Into this.

For few days we had normal talks, avoiding this topic. Again, She asked me, what is my view, I said, I will meet her first. By this time, I was bit recovered.

I met Tina at Riyas house.

She is a good girl. Same as of my age. We did not discuss anything regarding that, we just sit and chat for almost an hour. I think, the fundamental thing I noticed in this relation was to not to give up on anything.

Persistent communication and admiring other persons qualities help to keep healthy relationship, even when it is for sex.

Riya shared with Tina, My relation with her, openly, in front of me. Tina said, She also wants to go along with me. And both were ready for this.

I just started kissing with Riya… I said, I Love You. Then Tina took my hand and hugged me.

Later we gather again, but this time tactically, Tina planned it at her friends place. They went to some other part of city. So here we are in flat. This will be first time we will have threesome.

All three became nude and slept on bed. This was something weird for me. I had sex so many times that, it was fine with me to have sex but this thing was completely weird. It was all kissing, sucking each other’s tongue. Both of them then started licking pennis… All the long.. Two tongues.. That feels awesome. One by one they used to take it in their mouth…

Then Tina Came over… This was her first time with me, her pussy is tight. She is real real hottie. Big boobs, that can’t be seen in her dress. I sucked her… Fucking.. Me.. Then Riya took over.. I came over her and started pumping.. Much familiar pussy to me.

Aahhh… I Love You… Babe… And I just drained in her pussy.

We relaxed then for a while. After few mins I started licking Tina’s pussy.. So hard… Wow.. She had orgasm while I was licking. Both of them enjoyed.

We dressed up… And we were talking in general, suddenly Riya said. I want to tell you one secret. She said, I and Tina are bisexual.

That was really unanticipated shock.

They used to have lesbo sex with each other.

This time, I thought, it was simply matter of fun and enjoyment. Riya is my long TIME LOVE. Although she is married, she gave me everything I needed. At emotional level, I was very dependent on Riya. But due to this new show, I was depressed to some extent as Riya was not faithful with me. Although she had husband but still I was like her close mate.

That day, We stopped here itself.

Now onwards both these ladies used to have fun daily, as it was completely unimaginable. They used to call me frequently and chat on phone. I was uncomfortable and it took really long for me to overcome this stuff.

Thought how can Riya be so selfish, over the years she and I had such a good time. I have seen dildo, vibrator with her.

This relationship was weird. Both married ladies were having bisexual sex. But I think everyone needs some weirdness in life. This is why people behave weirdly.

Riya, Whenever riya is not in town for many days, I used to rely on Tina. She is hungry for sex. I fucked her hard… She is of my age. So I got a new taste.

Cell Phone talks are now common between all of three of us. Confidentiality was key maintain all these things.

One day I asked Tina to visit a lodge. I was really craving for sex that day.

As she came… I started with her.

Fuck you Tina.. Beautiful Chubby ass.. Just grabbed it in my hands .. Love to slap ass… Shit.. She is young and mind blowing beauty. Dusky . Long face, Big Ass… Healthy… Blonde hair.. I just want to fuck her hard now.

I licked her pussy madly and made her my fan. I just loved to lick her. Her style of getting fucked is awesome. She sits on me.. Take the cock in her pussy.. just take it inside and remain as it is for 30-40 seconds. In this time she moan like helll…i grab her boobs… So tightly… She screams…

After that she bends a bit.. And do sit ups… Sit ups on my cock… Wow this is simply heaven.. She doesn’t take support of knees, rather she sits on two legs properly and then do sit ups by bending towards my face. She fucks me badly… Oh Tina baby.. You are awesome.

We had really good time. Tina somehow inclined towards me for sex. And I also liked her. I took her doggy style many times. It was really wild sex. She said to me, I am really satisfied with you. All these years… I was desperate to have sex.

Its now quite alot time we are together. She loves me now, and I too. These two ladies have kept me away from all other girls. I was involved in satisfying their emotional and physical needs.

The story is still on… I am married now.

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