What are some places to visit in Pakistan?


What are some places to visit in Pakistan?

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  1. Depends so much on where you live, what you have already seen and what are your interests. If you are interested in natural beauty, take a look at Pakistan’s northern areas. I love to get away from heat, pollution and crowds of the plains. There are many remote spots where federal and provincial government departments like (Highways, Forest, Dak Bungalows) have small buildings for use of their officials. Often these places have vacancies more in winter but even in middle of summer. Their charges are in hundreds not thousands a night. Usually there is staff of one or two available to take care of the guest. We stayed in just such a place on the edge of Bojosa Lake in Azad Kashmir.

    Such places are invariable located in choice best spots far from commercial hubbub. Many are historic buildings, have million dollar views. Most of these are a little harder to get to by commercial transport but worth it. All have running water and electricity. Vacation to me means to do nothing or whatever I like doing. What attracts me to such places is the serenity, isolation, affordability and pretty decent service. Make sure to tip the staff generously when you leave. I know I haven’t named a place that I leave for you to discover.

    P.S. Best time is before school is out or after it. If you have time travel by train, make friends, enjoy the journey and the destination, Bon Vouyage

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