What are some problems writers have?


What are some problems writers have?

Mudassir Ali 12 months 1 Answer 156 views

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  1. One problem is endlessly looking for a “golden answer”—treating writing like baking a cake that has a set of rules and if they are revealed and followed . . . presto!

    And because the tools are ubiquitous, anyone can be a writer, right? Just like anyone who has a voice can be an opera singer, right? Or a standup comic and they will have people rolling in the aisles.

    Yes, I do believe almost everyone has at least one good novel inside them, but to treat the process that can be reduced to a how-to do-it-yourself project will not lead to suspected results.

    Like the young man who moaned, “I want to be a rock singer, but all the jobs are taken

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