What are some things that Pakistanis do that annoy other Pakistanis?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 17, 2020 04:58 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 17, 2020 04:59 AM

These are things which i hate most about my country people and i wish they change these Habits.

Throwing Trash out of car or on the road, Our attitude will entirely change when we visit some Europe country but treat our mother land like Shit

Not following Traffic rules: The very common thing here, it seems like we don’t take rules seriously unless there is some traffic warden standing on corner waiting to give you ticket. There is no such thing as Self-responsibility

Damaging Public Property: When ever there is some kind of Sit-in by some politicians Or there is some protest held by Public against load shedding they make sure to damage the Public property, Ironically this is our why of showing seriousness and aggression,

I remember there was a protest by traders against load shedding somewhere in 2013, they destroyed the Railway signal (which was newly installed on the road to tell public to take alternative rout if the Gateway is close). Funny part is every public damage is reinstall by the tax of same Public.

Politics: We are nation who dont vote base on performance but base of Cast or associations. You will find people who just vote a party why? because his Father and Grandfather use to vote for him, There is no such thing as looking at Broad Scope, We dont vote for person who gives the idea that what he want or to take Pakistan in 5–10 years, But we will vote the person who will fix my damage street, or one whome we would use for personal gain in future, We have a party name PPP in Sindh province who got multiple chances in government because? A Politician name Bhutto made Constitution of Pakistan and initiate the Nuclear program that too in 1972, We have part name PML-N who get vote because their sole purpose is to make roads and Motorways.

Comparing our self with Neighbors: I have to admit that this one is not as great as other points are But yes this too exists to some extend in some of our people to compare our self with neighbor like India, I think we have a whole world to compare our self and look our self how much we lack behind and in what field and what can we dont to improve it, There was a Indian troll in group who was teasing one of Pakistan member so in response he said to Indian that You people dont have toilets 65% ( somewhat 600 M) defect in open and rape issues and all those, I think we need to get our self out of this shell that if our neighbor is miserable in certain thing when we can feel good to comfort your self-esteem while reality is not very prefect in Pakistan either, Like in IT sector or economy we do admit india doing great So instead of looking at their bad picture and stick our self to this limited world We should look beyond and compare our to world standard, Because if we dont stop looking at this narrow perspective we may left behind,

Expecting being Religious from Film personalities: Well instead of focusing on our own issues When tend to look at our entertainment industry to be more religious, I think our nation forget that we look at religious person to seek and guidance or being role model Instead of people from Entertainment industry who have nothing to do with religious field. Be it Mahira Khan recent scandal, Humaina Malik or Veena Malik,

The most ridiculous thing is when we tend to look at Amir Liaqiat for religious shows what would you expect in return,

That’s where our nation is on wrong track expecting troll and comedian to be religious on Ramzan transmission and expecting Film star to be preacher of religion. WOWW !!

Nukes: Well as a Pakistani i would not be less proud that we are nuclear country that not only for our own security but also to save our-self from any kind of external impact But i hate that when we always involve Nukes in every of our conversation seems like that’s they only answer we got, If our diplomacy failed on some forum we rush in defend it with saying “we dont care we have nukes” (I am talking about GENERAL PUBLIC here),

I know Military strength is important but i think we forgot that this is era of ECONOMY AND MONEY, Only those matters who have strong economy and impact on world forum, Look at economy of Germany and their impact on world guess what>? they dont posses personal nukes (but of NATO), Or look at Netherland or Canada, today what matters is your Big Economy if we wont have stable our economy there is of No Use of Nukes either It wont have impact of what your words are. With 70% of our country is Young adults and a lot of resources we have not even reach to our potential, which can be much grater of what we are now. An independent and stable economy can get world attention Not those who survive on AID.

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