What are some things that programmers and computer scientists know, but most people don’t?

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  1. Originally Answered: What are some things that programmers know, but most people don’t?
    Mad shit from movies:
    You can’t zoom in on photos beyond their actual resolution
    We ACTUALLY DO know how to talk in human, non-techie language… our jobs depend on it!
    We’re not all fat
    We’re not all fat lazy geniuses
    Programmers are not electrical engineers… most don’t own a soldering iron.
    Computers don’t make high pitched beeps and chirps when displaying data.
    …if they did, that would be the first setting disabled by any developer
    I have no idea how to hack. Neither do my colleagues.

    Developers in your workplace:
    Don’t tell us what you think the solution is, give us the symptoms of the problem or requirement… you’ll get a lot further much, much quicker
    Do not attempt to gain favour by talking about sci-fi… seriously, not cool!
    I genuinely do not know how long it will take until I look at it properly – this is not a lazy stalling tactic
    If it gives unwanted results after passing UAT, it’s YOUR FAULT!
    I can see that you deleted the record. There is an audit trail!! Stop trying to blame my code and man up!
    Non-techie management should never pick platforms. Ever. Every time… every bloody time they get pitched a bunch of rubbish by guys with big smiles in sharp suits with a shiny box of promises. They then make an executive decision and a million dollars disappears along with what remains of my work place happiness!
    Code-freeze means: that bug is staying, so live with it.
    Agile/Scrum means: If you don’t turn up to stand up meetings your work will not get done. Your fault.
    We are not a necessary evil.
    We’re more creative than your marketing department.

    Developers in real life:
    Yes, I can develop web sites… but no, I won’t do it for the contents of your penny jar, so don’t ask as refusal may offend.
    I don’t know specifically why your home computer is slow/broken/won’t print/can’t get online… it could be any one of a thousand million things. I’m a programmer, go talk to an infrastructure guy. Look: there’s one over there hiding behind the curtains!
    I don’t care about your daughter/brother/aunt/long-lost-friend who “works with computers”
    Don’t glaze over because I said “Database” when you asked me the question

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