What are some tips to avoid coronavirus?

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  1. Originally Answered: What is the best possible way to avoid the corona virus?
    Step 1

    When the body is infected, immediately the immune system of White blood cells spill out to fight the bacteria to penetrate deeply quickly, this process lasts 10-15 days, if the liver + Bile has adequate storage, the germ will be killed by leukocytes and have no fever.

    Step 2

    If the liver does not have enough sugar, the gall bladder weakens and the supply of leukocytes is weak, then the brain is forced to discharge the energy stored for re-export to supply white blood cells and anti-germ cells. DRY ”, so when Energy releases blood, accidentally concentrating blood source, causing fever, solid blood causes difficulty in breathing, such as:

    A / – People with low reserves have a mild fever and are more likely to get infections due to insufficient energy to fight infection, this form needs to drink 1-2 liters of sweetened citrus juice / day divided into several drinks with water. filter, “emergency” lemon sugar continuously 1-2-3-4-5-6 days just provide energy and water will reduce fever, reduce cough, reduce shortness of breath, eat sugary white porridge with sugar, drink milk until hungry, eat normally, need to drink miles to replenish the reserve sugar for Liver.

    B- / People with high energy storage, the fever is strong, this type of blood is concentrated quickly, it needs to be taken 2-4 liters / day, divided into several drinks with additional water, drink continuously 2-3-4-5- 6 days until the fever, cough, breathing difficulties, when feeling healthy, eat white porridge with sugar, drink milk for small intestines to work until waiting for hunger to eat normally, but need to take sugar supplements to restore the liver to a sufficient reserve.

    3 / – People do not have stored reserves, the anaphylaxis force “burns the capacity of the marrow”, this form is very dangerous because the body has no sugar, no reserve energy, so the marrow launches the mechanism of motor energy “is causing have a high fever to collect oxygen for blood to maintain breathing (this form is dangerous), this form needs to drink 1/2> 1 liter of sweet citrus juice, the fever subsides quickly but the body is soft, weak This is when the fever is reduced, you need to eat porridge liquid + Fat + Protein + onion, consume many times to provide fat for the marrow to be taken directly from the small intestine to burn instead of destroying the marrow structure to make fuel, eat fat and Protein alternately alternates taken with lemon and maintain this emergency until healthy, then continue to eat and increase the energy reserves for the liver and the whole body.


    A / – Water helps dilute blood concentration quickly, when blood is thin, we will neutralize the state of “Difficulty breathing”.

    B / – Sugar provides fast energy to help white blood cells against infection (sugar = 100-150 g / liter of water).

    C / – Sugar provides cooling energy to help reduce fever quickly and safely.

    D / – Sour taste

    1-sour taste (Vitamin C) anti-coagulation cardiovascular system.

    2- Sour taste against blood clotting in the brain.

    3-sour taste leads to quick brain emergency energy.

    4 – Sour + Sugar makes “lose the smell of Protein”, this effect makes bacteria unable to find năng lượng Protein to eat will be hungry and unable to reproduce the race, deodorizing reaction is a kite of life. human.

    Lemon juice does not work as a fever-reducing drug, but for germs, lemon juice is a very toxic killer because it neutralizes the “trap” caused by germs, germs cannot resist, do not survive. Because of hunger for a long time, because of the strong fight back into the body, if you have a fever (many types of fever), you should drink lemon with a dose of 20 kg of weight / 1 liter of lemon / day, if taken correctly and With enough sweet and sour solution, after 24> 48 hours, the fever will be relieved and dyspnea does not occur and there is no infection, so you do not have to worry about this terrible CORONA epidemic. MAITREYA!

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