What are some unusual punishments given by judges that truly fit the crime?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 31, 2020 09:21 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 09:21 AM

This wasn’t a sentence passed by a judge, but it could have been.

Many years ago my brother and his friend who were both around 14, decided to leave their ‘mark’ on the wall of a shop in a village a couple of miles away. While they were in the act of writing their own brand of graffiti, they were spotted by a local resident who be very conscientious, called the police. They duly arrived to find them in the act, and when the lady who had called them came out intending to give them a piece of her mind, she discovered to her embarrassment, that one of the boys was her nephew, my brother.

I had the ‘pleasure’ of answering the door when it was knocked by the police officer with my brother in tow and stood there laughing as he it was explained to my mother what had happened. They also explained that they had arrived at a punishment.

My aunt was friendly with the shopkeeper whose wall had been ruined and she agreed with him that if the two boys completely repainted the entire gable wall of his shop (with paint they had to buy themselves,) then he would not press charges.

So for the next 4 weekends, there they were, nine o’clock until five o’clock, paintbrushes in hand, ladders provided for the higher areas (a time before health and safety,) painting away under my aunt’s close supervision from her house across the street from the shop.

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