What are some unwritten social rules everyone should know?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 24, 2020 05:39 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 24, 2020 05:39 AM

At a party or wedding, or any other celebration, if someone doesn’t want to dance, don’t force them. Ever. And definitely don’t make them feel worse by calling them too shy or a spoilsport.
When someone shows you a picture on their mobile, look at that picture only. Do not scroll left / right. You are invading their privacy.
Don’t give advice when you’ve not been asked any. Sometimes people just want someone to listen.
Knock before entering someone’s room, even if it’s your parent or child.
When someone offers you food from their plate, politely take one (eg. french fries, chips etc) and stop at that. Do not pick a handful.
When you’re walking behind someone on a pavement and they are going slow, say ‘Excuse me’ and have them give you way, rather than tailing them and breathing down their neck, waiting for them to move out of the way.
If someone is talking to you in person, and your phone rings, politely excuse yourself if you have to take the call. If you are on a date or out with one another person, cut the call short and tell the caller you will call them back once you’re free. Respect the person you are out with.
In supermarkets, don’t have your friends / family continue to get stuff to the queue as you await your turn, or worse, when you are already at the payment counter. It shows a lack of consideration for the people in queue after you. Get whatever you need to before you reach the payment counter or go again.
Whether it’s an elevator or a train/bus, always let people get off before you get in.
Don’t respond to text messages or social media messages with a ‘K’. It just comes across as rude and condescending.
If you borrow clothes from someone, wash and iron them before returning.
Return borrowed money, books or similar items without the owner having to ask for them to be returned.
Always say Please and Thank you to people serving you, at restaurants, supermarkets, stores etc. A little kindness won’t hurt, and you don’t know the kind of day they’re having.
Cover your mouth when you yawn.
Don’t be rude to or lose your temper with telemarketers. They are only trying to do their job when they call you. Politely let them know you are not interested in whatever they are selling rather than screaming at them. You might be having a bad day, but then so could they.
If someone is telling you why they had a bad day, don’t start your own rant. It’s not a competition of who had it worse.
When a car stops for you at a pedestrian crossing, don’t stroll and cross the road. And please don’t be looking at your phone while doing so. It is extremely rude and makes you look entitled.
Don’t look into someone’s phone when you are standing or sitting next to them. It really is none of your business. You just come across as nosy.
If you are going to get delayed to an appointment, meeting etc. make sure you show courtesy towards your host, friends or whoever you are meeting by informing them of the delay.
Don’t drag or flap your feet when walking. The noise is annoying, and can be a nuisance to those around you.
At work, don’t try to interfere with the work of one colleague because it may relate to another colleague you are probably close to as a friend. It is not only uncalled for, it is unprofessional and really none of your business.
If you’re angry with the service provided by a company, don’t scream at the customer service representative when you call them. Address your concerns in a firm but polite and respectful manner. They will be more willing to resolve your concerns.
A burp or fart can sometimes be a natural involuntary bodily reaction. While it is advisable to avoid them in public, if it ever does happen, always make it a point to apologize.
There could be points in the above list which I suppose others may have previously mentioned in their responses too (there are more than 100!), but these are the ones I can think of right away.

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