What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?

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  1. How can you tell if someone is lying?

    I was on a plane from LA. The guy sitting next to me was drinking mini-bottles of vodka the entire way back.

    We started talking. He once worked for a three initial agency that must be kept private. Then he worked for another one and another one.

    His job: he interrogated people who might have been spies.

    He told me some of the more famous cases he worked on.

    One case was about a guy who stole nuclear secrets (“I remember that case!” I told him) who ended up getting away with it but then left the country as soon as he could and never came back.

    “Did he do it?”

    “Of course! That guy was guilty as sin.”

    He told me he’s interrogated hundreds of people. Maybe thousands.

    I said, “How can you tell if someone is lying?”

    This was his answer:

    ANSWER #1

    Put them on a chair that rolls
    Ask them some easy questions first. Like, “when were you born?” “Where do you live?” etc. They won’t roll away with their chair.
    Ask them some harder questions that you know they will answer truthfully. Like, “What was your first job? Why’d you leave it?”
    Then start to ask them the questions you are suspicious of. Like, “Why did you transfer files from your computer?”
    If they start to roll away from you, then they are lying.

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