What are some “what every programmer should know about” articles?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 10, 2020 06:01 AM

Originally Answered: What are the things does every programmer should know ?
You have to know how to work well with others. How to have the humility to accept someone else having a better idea. How to ask for help. How to do a Google search or ten before asking a busy person for help. How to communicate. How to write good function and variable names. How to debug by forming a hypothesis and testing it scientifically. How to reason about complexity (the [Big O notation]
By and large, the technical aspects of the craft—the math and hard thinking and such—are the easiest for technical people to grasp. We tend to have a harder time with the communicative aspects of it: making sure the code communicates cleanly, does it’s work as simply as possible, is easy to work with, and far more importantly making sure that we ourselves are easy to work with too.

And while you’re busy being a nice person to work with, remember that not everyone else will be; so be patient, and take confidence in the quality of your own work.

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