What are the advantages of Mobile Technology?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 07, 2020 08:07 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 07, 2020 08:07 AM

Omg ! A trending question yet an important one to note too 🙂

Well, let me share to the maximum output I can.

Pros of mobtech :

The foremost benefit of mobtech nowdays is GPS, Global positioning system. This being used by many people around the world for various purposes makes it useful even to ride a cab 🙂 or to find a thief 😛
Secondly, smartphones being used widespread throughout the world gives us various options to cover the entire area of various scenarios and happenings around us and the public. This becomes a vital part of usage of the tech with the help of mobiles as they replace the usage of desktops or laps for using internets ! Even to read any stories of great people who had and are still succeeded/ succeeding are in books by many authors which can be viewed in our smartphones by using Kindle app (powered by Amazon).
Social media : Jobs where the main hindrance for many a people but, it’s because of these social networking sites like LinkedIn etc we can get connected with and move towards the other level quickly through mobiles by just downloading the app.
As mobtech has advanced itself, I’m currently able to view this screen in the B/W mode (reading mode). So, isn’t this something upgraded ? I also found mobile computing has sweeped away in its own way making itself useful to the end users, be it mobcomm, softwares, hardwares,etc. Without mobtech I cannot imagine an iPhone being developed, grown and succeeded as one of the best developers in the current tech market.
iPhonewas for instance and I equally rate other giants also for this purpose 🙂
Why use a camera when you have it in your own smartphone ? Hasn’t mobtech reduced the work of the end user and increased the way tech should be ? Any kind of camera be it before 5 decades or so till now they have started adopting the formula of inserting a feature that from a smartphone termed as Bluetooth and what else we need beyond this to prove that mobtech literally won the race ?
Other extraordinary features : Face recognition, fingerprint sensor, voice assistants ,etc are said to be good examples for a mobtech. Well even a laptop can be considered as a mobtech but cannot define it exactly under this.
We need not wait to store photos / videos or whatever in a CD or files in a floppy disc or be it a pendrive. Just can save them on our smartphones, send them right from your mails created as like that of whatever mails we own and there you go !
Well, after few years, Q/A forums arrived like that of Quora, etc. For gadgets reviews we have gadgets now (powered by NDTV), The Verge (examined annd reviewed very critically),etc.
Mobtech has given and gives opportunities to various artists/ celebrities who create their own blogs (well meant a decent one) enabling others to rate their paintings, etc thereby bringing out their talents to the outside world with ease 🙂
Well, this being an end for my small sharing of the merits of mobtech. Hope I’ve shared rightly though not completely as the world of technology is an ocean and can’t describe it completely.
Well comments, feedbacks or any other infos regarding mobtech are most welcome as I may not be perfect in many areas.
Thank you 🙂

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