What are the applications of a computer?

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Mudassir Ali
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What are the applications of a computer?

I am assuming that you are asking what an application is. If you are asking for a comprehensive list of applications, this is not possible to provide in an answer on Quora.

An application is a broad term for software that provides functionality for a computer. The first computer I bought was in 1982. It was an Apple II. Unless you were a hobbyist, you really couldn’t do much with it except for the existence of the first “killer app” named VisiCalc. VisiCalc was the predecessor of an application we now know as Microsoft Excel. VisiCalc launched the computer revolution that changed a personal computer from being a toy into being a tool.

An application is something that has a purpose and among the requirements of an application include functionality with human beings by way of the typical interface which consists primarily of the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse.

However, an application can exist solely to provide greater functionality for other applications.

For example, on my Windows 10 computer, I have an application called Oracle Virtual Box. I really don’t do much with the application but what it allows me to do is to launch a virtual computer on my computer. I currently have it set up to run a Windows 7 version that I use for reasons that are the subject of an entirely different conversation.

I have another application called VVEngine. The backup software I use is ViceVersa Pro. The problem with ViceVersa is that each step of the backup process must be done manually. VVEngine simply automates ViceVersa Pro so that my backup process consists of two mouse clicks. I have the application set to run a backup every four hours so if I am willing to wait four hours to backup my computer, I don’t need to interact with VVEngine ever.

An application is different from a “process” and a “service.” A process is some executable portion of software that runs at any given time. An application typically will employ many different processes to accomplish its objectives. A service is also a process however it tends to run in the background and does not involve interaction with the user by way of the monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

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