What are the best airlines for international travel?

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  1. Originally Answered: What’s your favorite airline to fly international?
    Thai Airways.

    Mainly because I have to fly from Bangkok to London quite a lot, so I’m spoilt for choice. But Thai Airways has a very consistent service standard and very polite and engaging flight crew if you’re Thai. They also won the award for best economy product (I rarely fly their excellent business) so that’s another good thing about them.

    In terms of jet lag, on the Bangkok to London route, Thai’s late night departure flight is good as it allows you to adjust time zones quickly.

    For London to Bangkok, Given the choice I would fly SWISS. Their flight departs at 4pm from Zürich and arrives at 9am in the morning in Bangkok. That means that after dinner service (~2 hours into the flight) I can quickly catch some sleep and wake up ~2 hours during the breakfast service allowing me to adjust quickly.

    In terms of the big three middle eastern carriers, I am biased since I have Silver membership with Qatar Airways. But what’s not to like about them? (Quite a bit, though, honestly if it weren’t for the perks)

    If asked to compare the two (Thai and Qatar)

    Legroom: Both are good but Thai Airways have leg rests so that’s better

    Service: Qatar and Thai are both very consistent

    Crew: Thai’s crews are much more senior and experienced

    Entertainment: Qatar has more choice but Thai has a fair amount.

    Food: Thai’s snacks are much better but main meals generally the same

    Convenience: I don’t like booking through Qatar Airways website because you can only complete seat selection after payment. With Thai Airways and Most star alliance carriers even allow you to preview the seatmap of each flight.

    So overall Thai Airways is my main choice since I’m geographically appealed to them (being a Thai student in the UK) and they are very consistent.

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