What are the best courses you can do to specialize in algorithmic trading / quant trading?


What are the best courses you can do to specialize in algorithmic trading / quant trading?

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  1. I would recommend the Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) by QuantInsti – a comprehensive course spread across 14 modules broadly classified into 3 categories namely: Quantitative Techniques, Programmatic Tools and Financial Markets. With registered users from 65+ countries, it is also acknowledged by firms & institutions across the globe.

    Modules covered in this programme:

    Statistics for Financial Markets
    Python: Basics & it’s Quant Ecosystem
    Market Microstructure for Trading
    Equity, FX, & Futures Strategies
    Data Analysis & Modeling in Python
    Machine Learning for Trading
    Trading Tech, Infra & Operations
    Advanced Statistics for Quant Strategies
    Trading & Back-testing Platforms
    Portfolio Optimization & Risk Management
    Options Trading & Strategies
    Hands-on Project

    The total duration of the course is 6 months and lectures are scheduled on weekends. It comprises of 4 parts:

    Live Lectures
    Test & Assignments
    Live Project (optional)
    Final Examination

    Some of the exclusive benefits of EPAT are:

    The Faculty

    EPAT Faculty panel consists well-known rockstars of the quant trading domain like Dr. Ernest P. Chan, Dr. Euan Sinclair; experts like Yves Hilpisch and Dr. Hui Liu; experienced traders and market practitioners with an experience of 15+ years like Rajib R. Borah, Nitesh Khandelwal, and other reputed names.

    Practical experience

    Code, backtest and implement your own strategies in the live markets. You can conduct research on your topic of interest in the domain being guided by a mentor (an expert from the industry) for your EPAT Project. Additional links & content is also shared to further enhance your learning.

    Dedicated support

    24/7 support helps with your any and every query. A dedicated Support Manager is assigned to you who guides you for the entire course.

    Career assistance

    EPAT offers lifetime career and job placement assistance to you including career counselling, getting help in building your resume, etc. You start receiving job postings from the very first month.

    Alumni cell

    Post the completion of the course, as an alumnus, you are connected to the EPAT community. It helps you grow in the quant domain and network with your fellow alumnus.

    EPAT Certification

    EPAT is the world’s first ‘Verified certification in Quantitative & Algorithmic Trading domain’ through proctored in-centre exams via Prometric test centres across the globe
    EPAT is CPD(UK) Accredited
    EPAT is recognized under FTS by IBF Singapore

    Align your career objectives

    EPAT helps you align with your career objectives. Here are the major learning objectives of the current EPAT participants.

    Eligibility for EPAT

    Anyone who is passionate about financial markets and/or technology can apply. Here is the educational and professional background of the current EPAT participants.

    The professional background of participants coming from Engineering & Science education stream:

    The professional background of participants coming from Commerce and Business Administration education stream:

    Success Stories

    Here are some words from the EPATians regarding their course experience.

    The domain is growing exponentially, and the first movers are bound to have the upper hand.

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