What are the best day trading strategies in stock market? Is day trading really profitable?

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  1. The best way to start investing to start learning. Before you begin ask yourself do you want to be an investor or a trader. This is a huge difference on invests long term and doesn’t care about short term market swings and one is the exact opposite. A trader will be watching the charts daily or every minute. Once you decide which is right for you dive in deep and understand the topic fully!

    If you have a desire to do something like being financially free, it truly is possible. Trust me. You just need to be ready for the setbacks and the tough times

    The best ways to learn about investing and trading is by:

    YouTube channels

    Reading books

    Trading courses – These are easily accessible everywhere and can be very cheap. A very good way to get started

    Mentoring – Having someone teach you all the mistakes to avoid and hold you accountable is huge


    Only invest with what you can afford to lose. So if you lost that amount of money…would it affect your life. If so then you have to rethink how much you are using. You can learn the market with any amount of money honestly. It’s about learning not making money in the beginning. I share information to new traders daily on .

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