What are the best ideas to start a magazine business?

The idea of starting a magazine business js not so great according to me for the following reasons :

  1. It would take at least a year to make your magazine famous.
  2. People have even stopped reading newspapers because of the mobile application which gives short and sweet news.
  3. The margin of profit on magazines can’t be very huge so you will end just recovering your cost.
  4. All of these could have been contradicted with a solid business plan ready but that is what you are asking for.
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    What’s your focus? Travelling is a fast growing trend, those who experience the desire to constantly travel are victims of pure wanderlust. New generations want to connect with other people all around the world, their food, their places, their architecture, they feel an intense urge to self-develop by experiencing the unknown, unforeseen challenges, and getting to know unfamiliar cultures. A recent study done by Airbnb states that millennials would spend more on acquiring new experiences (travelling basically) than on big purchases like buying a house.

    Why not start a travelling magazine, you could focus on food, on a community, on architecture, and much more! You would probably need sponsors to star travelling and document your experiences, you can start locally to make it easier. Look for tools to make your life easier like a magazine cover maker, that way you don’t spend a fortune on designing assets!

    Answered on January 2, 2019.
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