What are the best places to live in the USA?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Jul 31, 2019 06:58 AM

Best places to live in the USA

I guess it totally depends on who you are and what you like.
Firstly, I am not an American although I have lived in many places: East Coast (New York Area, North Carolina), Mid-west (St. Louis, Dallas, Chicago), West Coast (San Francisco Bay Area). Beyond that, I am kind off traveller and have travelled to 34/50 till date.

Good Thing: No matter wherever you go (that includes Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, Oakland) you will get all the basic necessities. There will almost always be couple of Walmarts, gas stations, good roads, schools, hospitals in your neighborhood. You will certainly get a decent life if not the most happening one.

Bad Thing: Since the basic infrastructure is almost same, you won’t find huge difference between two places. Because whole America has travelled so frequently in last 50 years I guess it has come to some level of uniformity.

There ain’t huge difference between living in Oklahoma City & Cincinnati compared to life style deviation in other countries.

Coming to your question, these points might be helpful:

  • If extreme weather is a concern for you: California is a better place but then it’s expensive compared to others.
  • If you are a bit conservative and want to live in big houses with relatively lower pay: Any Mid-west city is good for you (except Chicago).
  • If money isn’t a concern for you: New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston can surely work.
  • If you want a laid back life style then: Any South-eastern states are cool for you (excluding Atlanta & Miami).
  • If you are an extremely energetic person then may be you can test the water at New York, Chicago, LA, Seattle, Bay Area.
  • If you like living between younger crowd then Austin, Boston, San Francisco will be a good match.
  • If marijuana is a BIG deal then Denver and Seattle may sound good.

Every area has its pros and cons. Some will have many opportunities but will be relatively expensive. Some will have opportunities and will be less expensive but extreme weather will be a concern. Some places will be perfect for you in sense that you are close to family & friends but with relatively low opportunities to grow.

So, in my opinion what I will suggest is assess all your parameters and then based on that relocate to “your perfect city”.

I will also recommend you to travel as much as you can. You get to know your world. 🙂

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