What are the best recreational drugs?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 20, 2020 05:15 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 20, 2020 05:15 AM

That depends on your physical chemistry and what you’re trying to get out of the experience. Some thoughts:

If you’re psychologically stable, the psychedelics are really fun. LSD is the gold standard, and most of the others can be described as LSD scaled by duration (i.e., mushrooms last 2/3 as long, AMT lasts 1.5 times longer).
If you want to be really social, cocaine + alcohol work well.
If you want to be productive, try Adderral.
If you want to have fun just hanging out, weed is great.
If you want an intense intimate happy time, ecstasy is your drug.

When you’re ready to play in the big leagues, try some combinations, like:

LSD + ecstasy = intense, trippy, social fun.
Adderral to work, then weed to switch to an energetic fun, then xanax to turn it off and go to sleep.
To reach the top of the psychedelic mountain, start with a foundation of LSD, snort some Ketamine, and quickly (before you enter the K-hole) smoke some Salvia Divinorum.

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