What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan?

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What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan?

- Dec 23, 2019 05:21 PM

The food options at Karachi are as varied and as amazing as the people of Karachi. I will categorise them in order of how big a dent they will make on your pocket. Favourites are ‘*’d;

$$$$: *Fujiyama (Japanese Cuisine) at Avari Towers, Sakura (Pan-Asian?) at PC, Cote Rotie (French) at the French Consulate, Cafe Flo (French/Steaks) in Clifton, *Mews (Continental, i think?) at Clifton, Okra (French-Continental/Steaks?) at Zamzama. I will not suggest you go to any Pakistani restaurant in this price category, none matches the taste of paki food available in lower price categories.

$$$: *Roasters at Zamazama (steaks and burgers), Arizona Grill at Zamzama (steaks and burgers), *Tao at opposite Boat Basin Food Street (Pan-Asian/Sushi not bad), Ginsoy at various locations including DHA (Pan-Asian), Yaki at DHA (Pan-Asian), Red Emperor at Clifton (Pan-Asian), *Rowtesserie at Dolmen Mall Clifton and Zamzama (amazing grilled chicken etc). *Fuscia at Zamzama (Pan-Asian). All Burger Joints, but must try *Oh My Grill in DHA. Must TRY! *Kolachi at Do Darya DHA (huge menu, awesome Paki food, great ambiance, must visit specially if from out of Karachi since it has a nice view of the ocean). *BBQ Tonight at Bilawal Chowrangi.

$$: Now we come to real deal, the real Karachi taste bud. All food in this category is Paki cuisine or a local variation of some other cuisine. All of Boat Basin Food Street; recommended places would be *Qasr-e-NakheelTandoori Hut*Nihari Inn, and Karachi Broast. All of Do Darya and Port Grand. All of Burnes Road. Bahadurabad has some crazy places to eat BBQ too.

$: Biryani!!!!!!!! and Nihari!!!!!!!!!. Biryani has to be the food that defines Karachi. Any Karachiite could have biryani every single day. For the rest of their lives. And then again request for Biryani in their hereafter. Biryani Centre, Student Biryani, *Master Biryani at Saddar. Amjad NihariZahid NihariSabri Nihari. These biryani and nihari joints are so many that almost every local Karachi locality has a local favourite when it comes to Biryani or Nihari. So you can go to any, you wont be disappointed.

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