What are the best things to eat with coffee?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: What is the best combo to have with coffee?
In general coffee pairs well with dessert. But certain varieties of coffee will pair well with other foods…even alcohol. It takes some experimenting. But here are some examples.

At the Café du Monde in New Orleans you need to order Café au lait (chickory coffee with steamed milk) and Beignets (puff pastries rolled in sugar).

I used to love going to my favorite coffeehouse and drinking 2 or 4 shots of espresso; then going to the micro-brewery next door and chasing the espresso with a pint of stout. Now days craft brewers now offer Coffee Stouts.

You often get coffee with breakfast. Most coffees go well with sweet pancakes and waffles. But your sweeter, mellower Colombian coffees also work well with eggs, bacon, chorizo and salsa.

I used to go to a coffee place called Paris on the Platte in Denver. I would order their 5-Cheese Grilled Cheese served with a side of Corn Chips and a cup of Strong Coffee. I still love corn chips and coffee with my grilled cheese to this day.

About 20 years back I lived in Madison, WI and we had a pizza joint by our apartments that had a Sunday Special of 2 slices and a coffee for $3. I would typically grab 2 slices of broccoli and cheese pizza with a cup of very strong (Folgers, unfortunately) coffee.

Espresso and ice cream is amazing.

Coffee and cake, cookies, chocolate, and pastries of most varieties works well.

Coffee and donuts of course work well.

Coffee and dried fruits work well—in particular raisins, prunes or figs.

Again, varying characteristics of coffee (sweetness, acidity, bitterness) will all impact what foods pair well. So will the roast (light, medium, dark). So experiment. You may find some new favorite combos of your own.

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