What are the biggest facepalm moments you have ever experienced?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 25, 2020 01:42 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 25, 2020 01:42 PM

I rushed to hostel room got my bag packed to take off for home, as it was Dusshera holidays.

Bagpacked ————- done
Informed family ————done.
Called Nibha asked her whether she had kept tickets properly——-done.
Sufficient cash —– done.
We rushed to local bus stand as train was from Lucknow at 4:30 pm. We reached Lucknow on time and were waiting for our Intercity train.

Train arrived, we got our seat. One window seat and the other adjacent to it (Coach S2 seat 48, 49).

The Intercity was the fastest train from Lucknow to our home-town and was rarely late. Train started sharp at 4:30 pm. We had happy faces as it was an achievement to get confirmed seats during festive time. Train was overloaded but who cares I got my window seat.????

After half -an hour train stopped at Barabanki. A family (uncle-aunty) came to our seat. They told us that we are sitting on their seat.


NO… wait… We have our tickets with us?

I asked my friend to show them our tickets. (We had normal ticket we were more confident)

She showed tickets to them. Coach S2 seats 48, 49

They showed their tickets. Coach S2 seats 48,49

Ammm ditto. Same to same tickets, that too we both have normal tickets and not e-tickets.

Image:- Normal ticket(ticket issued through counter). Just for reference.

Image source:- Google

Few other coach passengers also saw our tickets, matched it and confirmed it that might be someone might have made a mistake as we both have been allotted same seats. Although the printing machine of IRCTC didn’t print it so well but everyone was reading it same. Coach S2 seat 48,49

Intercity is a seating train. 3 people seats are in one bench same as airplane.

Uncle requested us to adjust his wife to our seat. We were now 4 people sitting on a single bench. Our happiness was gone. ????

We were waiting for train to stop at next station so that we can match to the chart pasted on train. And get it confirmed to whom the seats were actually allotted.

Train stopped at next station.

Uncle ji rushed to door. Searched for chart. Bad luck. No charts were pasted.

Train started again.

Uncle ji was standing like any other people in crowd. We were adjusting with aunty. People were busy in talking about the mistake made at ticket counter.

Now we were waiting for the TTR to come and confirm us.

But as it was festive season there was rare chances that TTR may come to check the ticket.

Two more stations passed. I checked the tickets again.

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