What are the chances of Argentina winning the FIFA World Cup 2018?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 11, 2020 11:51 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 11:51 AM

Well Argentina came to Russia with a lot of negatives. The manager of the team was changed multiple times in last two years. Players such as Icardi, Perotti, Zabaleta, Pastore, Lamella, Rulli, Pareja, Musacchio, Paredes, Garay were overlooked. Romero their best goalkeeper got injured as promising young talent Lanzini.

Argentina has lost to Croatia in their group stage match. After a decent first half La Albicelestes collapsed after their GK Caballero made a grave mistake. That awry was enough to break the team’s confidence. The GOAT MESSI didn’t perform as per expectations. And Perez’s miss which hit the other side of the net was awful. After the match Croat manager and Captain Modric admitted that their main motive was to stop Messi. Hours before the match started Kovacic said that Croatia are a better side than Messiless Argentina.

Leo Missed the penalty against Iceland, if he succeeded to shoot the Telstar 18 past the GK then Argentina would have earned 2 more points. Iceland marked Messi with 2–3 players Everytime it was looking as if Messi brought his body guards on the pitch.

To be honest this Argentina squad reminds me of the Indian Cricket Team of 90s. The whole team depended upon another man with short stature wearing no. 10 SACHIN TENDULKAR. The team had other young talents and big names but they failed to deliver at the grandest stage. That’s why it took 28 years for India to win their second WC. Sachin win Icc player of the tournament in 2003 and India finished as runners-up. Messi won the FIFA golden ball in 2014 and Argentina finished as runners-up. Sachin eventually won the world cup in 2011 but this is the last chance for Messi. He might not play in Qatar WC and even if he plays he will not have Aguero, Mascherano, Higuain, Otamendi, Di Maria, Biglia by his side. So this is his last chance and a now or never situation for him.

So all I wanted to say is Argentina team needs to get awekened. Football is team sport and every player needs to give their best. Instead of relying on Messi they should support Messi. They should keep this in their mind “talent wins games but team work wins championships.” The manager must select his best eleven cause football is not a sport of isolated individuals. Thus Messidependencia should be stopped.

Here is my version of best playing 11.

Undoubtedly this is one of the best starting line ups of this world cup, all the players play in top team of top leagues of Europe. But right strategy and team effort will lead to success. Then only this picture can be changed.

Two legends from two different sport and different nations. Both wore no. 10 and carried the burden of their nations Sachin won the world cup Messi is yet to win one. And finally I would say there is still a chance for Argentina to lift the world cup if they play as a team. The stats and facts may not agree but this is an answer from the heart of a teenager. A heart where Messi and Sachin occupy a special part.

This was an article from an avid cricket and football fan. A fan of both Sachin and Messi. I don’t want to say that Messi is not great if he fails to win a world cup. Neither I intended to compare them nor the two sports. But a world cup is always special for sportsman and his countrymen.

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