What are the contents listed in Pakistan History books?

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What are the contents listed in Pakistan History books?

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Sep 30, 2021

To begin with, I would like to add that since Pakistan was made from India, most of the history before the “First War Of Independence of 1857” is quite the same. However, what differs is the amount of detail in which those topics are dealt with. In Pakistan, the history starts with Adam and Eve, then goes on to Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Then it goes on the path of Arab history. Unlike the Indian history books which try to teach the history of Indian subcontinent ( taking all the countries such as Afghanistan,Pakistan, Sri Lanka,etc. into account ) for its own sake, Pakistan History books try to make people think that they belong to the Arab World.
All the events that occured before 1857 War Of Independence are covered in great detail if and only if they serve the purpose of the curriculum ( showing that Pakistan never did anything wrong/muslims were always oppressed/muslims were stronger than other religion groups but never given any opportunity ) otherwise they are covered very lightly. All the important world events such WW-I and II, dark ages in Europe,renaissance, Era of Scientific Discovery, etc are never given any significance in the curriculum. The history of Pakistan is even taught in science subjects like mathematics and physics.
However, India is not blemish-free in the area of twisting history. With the rise of the saffron power, many school textbooks in saffron-run states stress on the Hindu-Muslim divide, skirting over the many common ties that bind them even today. Textbooks in schools run by the Sangh Parivar gloat over Hindu warriors while denigrating the Muslims. Some of these textbooks hail Hitler and pay tribute to fascism. Of course, these saffron texts do not use the kind of openly abusive and explicit language against non-Hindus that the textbooks in, say, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan do in regard to non-Muslims. But that cannot condone the pernicious tones of the saffron textbooks because they also aim to prejudice the mind of the young students. But all this occurs only certain schools which are run by the state government. As a whole the History taught to the students is very unbiased as there are many autonomous regulatory bodies which look after all these matters.

All this should give a pretty much clear idea about the ways in which the content of Pakistan History books differ from that of the Indian History books.

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