What are the creepiest paranormal experiences one ever had?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 05:06 AM

Originally Answered: What paranormal thing has happened to you?
For the last 10 years, I’ve been living in a haunted house. I’ve seen large objects move on their own. I have felt being touched and thinking someone was there and turned only to find there wasn’t. My kids have been choked late at night while they were trying to sleep.

I’ve had non-believers at my home leave as believers. Once an atheist was staying in our house. He didn’t believe us when we told him that our house was haunted. He was alone one day at the house. He decided to clean up some to help out and started vacuuming. Clearly, he heard “DIE!!!!” coming from the master suite and then he heard slamming behind the closed door. He saw lights turning off and on and heard shuffling. It startled him so much, he text me to see if I was playing some sort of prank. I told him I wasn’t and rushed right home to see what was going on.

Others have been awoken in the night to fingers brushing their cheek. They wake up and see an apparition standing at the foot of the bed. Guests will often report hearing shuffling around the room in the dark while they are trying to sleep. It unnerves them quite a bit.

Personally, I’ve been touched, had my hair pulled, had the sheets ripped off me, and have seen things move. Often, I question myself if what I felt, saw or heard actually happened. Once I was home alone for the entire night. This is a very rare occasion and it’s only happened once where I was completely alone. I was locking up the house around 10 or 11 and heard three loud knocks on my front door. This really creeped me out because I wasn’t expecting anyone and it isn’t normal to have visitors at my house at any hour of the day unless they’re invited.

I live about 700 feet from the road and to get onto my property, you’d need the gate code to enter. If anyone tried to climb the fence, they’d get enough electricity to knock them out. It’s very painful as I’ve experienced this, so it’s not highly plausible for people to knock on my door, especially late at night.

The knocks sounded like police so I was concerned that something had happened to a family member due to the veracity of the knocking at my front door. Though I am not generally scared when this stuff happens, I was very scared this particular night because it really startled me. I did grab my handgun to go answer the door figuring if it was the cops, I’d immediately holster my weapon and disarm myself but not taking chances on if it was someone with malintent.

I know I didn’t just imagine it because my dogs also responded to the knocking and went to the front door and waited for me to open it. The odd things about that though, was that my dogs didn’t bark. They just went to the front door and sat and waited for me to open it. When I answered the door no one was there. I would have seen someone driving off and none of that happened. I let my dogs go out to make sure no one was on the property as my dogs would have quickly found them and they found no one.

What scared me most about this incident is that I was thinking at that moment how creepy it would be if someone did knock on my door the moment right before it happened. It was something I thought and then it did happen immediately afterward.

I’m not a person who assigns every little suspicious unexplainable event as paranormal. In fact, even though I’m living in a haunted home, I still don’t go straight to thinking everything is paranormal when it happens. I look for more organic causes if they’re disturbing enough.

There are some things, like having my hair pulled, that really disturbed me. I could not figure out an organic cause to that, so I let the entity know that it “wasn’t okay” to pull hair ever and that would not be tolerated. I went and got the 18-year old that was staying with us to stay up with me. I told them I’d repay them with a McDonald’s breakfast if they stayed up with me. We were in my office which is right off the kitchen. They had a clear line of sight to the kitchen. We both heard the silverware drawer open. It’s a distinct sound. I have an island in the kitchen where the silverware drawer is. We went and checked and sure enough, each of the drawers in that row had been opened. I know they were closed because I cleaned the kitchen very well that night.

Another incident happened on August 1, 2015. I had gone to bed late that night, early in the morning (around 2 or 3). I remember this date because a spiritualist was coming over the following morning. I had been having quite a difficult time and decided to call someone in to help me. My husband was already fast asleep but he was having some sort of dreams. I could tell because he was kicking in his sleep and jerking around. I was laying in bed and something grabbed the sheet off me from the foot of the bed. I was saying my prayers for the night, getting ready to go to sleep when I felt the sheets being slowly pulled off me. It wasn’t my husband because I had a separate sheet from him. I grabbed my sheet because I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, so I pulled it back over me. I had to hold onto it tightly because whatever was down there was still trying to pull it off me. I thought it was going to rip it out of my hands.

At that point, my husband kicked the cat in his sleep. I woke up my husband and asked him what he was dreaming about. He said he dreamt someone was at the foot of the bed and he was trying to kick him off. I asked what he looked like because I was genuinely curious. He said he couldn’t see features but that it was a dark shadow figure. At this point, we both sat up and turned on lights for a bit and just talked about how strange his dream was while I was having sheets pulled off me simultaneously.

These are some of the things I’ve experienced living here. We don’t move because we have a lot of history here. My husband has a lot of stuff and it’s just a lot to move since it’s also property and we have livestock and large farm equipment. It’s just hard to move this stuff to another similar property. The house was haunted since we’ve lived here. The previous homeowners didn’t say anything about it being haunted. They put a lot of money into remodeling the home and then shortly afterward, they moved out. They said they were retiring. I do hope we can move someday.

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