What are the dirtiest secrets that you haven’t told anybody?

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  1. It’s a good idea to go anonymous when answering this type of questions.

    When I was 6, I went on a school trip to the zoo carried out by the kindergarten i was in. The school took us to all the animal enclosures and I was really amazed by all the animals I saw there. After seeing a few animals, the teachers gave the students a toilet break to the washroom. I didn’t feel like going to the washroom, so i just waited outside with the form teacher and students who did not want to go to the washroom too. As I was standing outside waiting for the other students, i caught sight of an ice-cream man selling ice-cream on his mobile cart. I immediately went to make my way, running to the ice-cream cart to buy an ice cream from the seller. The teacher saw me but she couldn’t stop me as she was handling the other students who were running around and making noise. She only managed to yell, “Come back here immediately after you’re done!”, after she understood I was running to the ice-cream seller while gripping some notes of cash to get myself an ice-cream.

    Upon reaching the ice-cream seller, I yelled out ,” 1 chocolate ice cream on a stick now, please!!” With excitement. As the ice-cream man was preparing my ice-cream he was grinning to me too and I saw he had some gold and silver teeth and also some teeth were a little darkened probably due to decay. I didn’t thought much about it after he handed me my ice-cream, and I paid him and made my way back to the teacher and students who were just about to make a headcount, after all the students who went to the washroom were returning to join the group. Some students were envious of me that I had time to buy an ice-cream and they couldn’t as the group was already making their move to more animal enclosures to check out. The teacher was also furious and made a threat directed at me, saying that she would complain to my parents of me running off without permission when they come to fetch me from school. As I was licking my ice-cream, I noticed the ice-cream was unusually slushy, lumpy and very different from regular ice-cream. Being just 6 years old, I didn’t give much thought about it because I really liked ice-cream and just thought it was a new type of ice-cream as the taste was still reasonably sweet. I finished the ice-cream nonetheless by the time we reached the second enclosure since the toilet break. While checking out the second animal enclosure, tigers i believe, I felt my tummy rumbling and starting to ache quite badly. I am familiar with this feeling and I knew that it meant I had to take a shit really badly. I tried to hold it in and managed to hold it in till we reached the next animal enclosure because I didn’t want to be reprimanded for not going to the washroom during the toilet break. I held it till I couldn’t take it anymore and requested the teacher to excuse me and allow me to go to the washroom. The teacher seemed ticked off when I asked her and she reprimanded me for the same reason as I had presumed she would. She then asked the co-teacher who accompanied the students who went to the toilet in the previous toilet break to accompany me to the toilet that was nearby the animal enclosure the entire group was at. This toilet was not the same toilet that was near the ice-cream seller. It was not as cleaned as that toilet as that toilet was the nearest toilet from the entrance of the zoo. However this toilet seemed still manageable for me to complete my necessary business. The teacher who accompanied me told me she would wait outside the toilet for me as she was a female and could not enter the male toilet. However she told me I only have to yell from inside if I needed anything, she had quite a timid personality so I didn’t have any confidence in her words. Feeling the urgency to poo, i just gave her a quick nod to signal my acknowledgment before dashing into a cubicle. While dashing into the nearest cubicle, my eyes caught sight of a man in his late 40s/early 50s passed out below the sink with an empty bottle of some kind of alcohol, probably liquor near his hand, toppled on the ground. I just still carried on to get on with my shit, closing the door and pulling my pants and undies down and relieve the stress off my anus. It was a painful blast of shit out my anus but my stomach felt much better after.

    Suddenly, when I wanted to get myself cleaned up and wipe my ass with the tissue from the roll on the side of the cubicle, it happened that the tissue on the roll was barely even a piece of tissue. The tissue paper had ran out! My mind immediately panicked and I didn’t know what to do. At that time being young and naive I felt I couldn’t call for my teacher standing outside for help because she wouldn’t be able to come in the boy’s toilet and hand me some tissues. I was a really big fan of Macgyver at that time, and I’ve watched alot of episodes of Macgyver at that point in my life. Watched it almost 5 days a week every night with the family before bedtime. I just recall saying to myself “what would Macgyver do?” repeatedly and thought of an idea that was so crazy it had to work. So I then slowly took off my pants and undies fully and hang them over the best way i could on the hook nailed on the door. I then slowly unlock and pried open the door of my cubicle and saw that the drunk man was still passed out. I then tiptoed my way to the man slowly and quietly as best I could with my unwiped butt and frontal area exposed. I saw that he was wearing a white buttoned cotton t-shirt with some lines on it and he had most of the top half of the shirt unbuttoned. I then proceeded to unbutton the rest of the buttons from top to bottom. When all the buttons were unbuttoned I then used all my effort to remove his t-shirt from him. It wasn’t easy at all. I was prepared to just take his empty glass bottle and use it to knock him in the head to pass him out. Thankfully, while removing his shirt, the most he did was let out a few grunts without ever waking up. After successfully lifting his arms and removing the entire shirt from him, I went nearer to the sink to just damp the shirt a little with an almost silent running tap and also just to make it a little cleaner before I use it. After making the shirt damp, I silently tiptoed quickly back to the cubicle I was in. I then wrapped the shirt around my right hand and wrist and began wiping the shit out of my butt. I cleaned till I saw that whenever I wipe my butt with a white patch from the shirt, the patch didn’t turn to a brownish shade. After cleaning myself I tiptoed out, bottomless again, and threw the shirt in one of the sinks and had a silent running water from the tap rinse the shirt on the sink while i return back to the cubicle to put on my undies and my pants. I had the water running on the shirt as I assumed when the man woke up he might want to exit the washroom fully clothe regardless whether the shirt was wet and dirty. (Thinking about it now at this age, I’m sure most guys would have preferred to walk out topless then with a shirt stained with shit). After getting myself cleaned and ready to exit the toilet I wanted to leave with a lighter heart after what I’ve done to the man. I took out a pencil I had in my pants and wrote on the piece of tissue I couldn’t use to wipe myself. I can’t recall exactly as it was a long time ago but I wrote something along the lines of this, “ Thank you for your shirt. I used it for emergency. Wash it if you use it” . I put the tissue with the words facing above and had the bottle stand right up on the tissue to weigh the tissue down to not let it fly. I turned off the tap with the shirt still in the sink and water in the sink filled to almost the brim. I then made sure I didn’t leave anything and left the toilet. I remember, being an A-Team fan, so I whispered to myself, “ I love it when a plan comes together” and proceeded to my co-teacher. She had her eyes closed sitting on the bench outside the toilet nodding off. I told her, “I‘m done!” And she came back to her full senses. She questioned why I took a long time but I just acted normally and being 6 i told her I just took a really big shit, emphasising how big the shit was which kept her silent and avoid conversing with me. She brought me back to join the group and they had already pass 2 animal enclosures since I left them and were about to leave again to the meerkat enclosure.

    i remember being really proud of what I did on that day because of how I was able to get myself out of that shitty situation. But thinking of it when I got older and of it now it was a really bad and dirty thing I did which I have never told anyone. I feel really bad for using the man’s shirt to wipe my ass. I always thought what happened after I left and when he woke up, and also whether he read the note I left him.

  2. I am a 19 years old girl from Nepal. I belongs to a middle class family. My father is a Manager in one of a Bpo in Mumbai. We shifted to Pune when I was in 6th standard. My father stays in Mumbai and visit pune every weekend.

    This is a story when I was in standard 6th. We rented a flat nearby my school. My parents wanted me to join a tution as the syllabus was new for me. There was a Sir opposite to our building. He convinced my parents about my studies. I joined the tution and started going daily at his Flat. There were 10-12 students in my tution. But one day he asked my mother to send me for a extra class in the morning. I took a bath and went at 8 AM. He started teaching me geography. While teaching he started telling me how cute I was. He said he likes my nose and eyes. He said we Nepali girls are really beautiful. I was very innocent at that time so I just smiled and continued studying. He called me next the at the same time. He was married and his wife was a school teacher. She used to leave at 7:30. I went in the morning and he was waiting for me. While teaching he said he is feeling bore so let’s watch TV. As soon as he switched on the TV. I saw a man bringing a rose and gave to a girl. They were dancing and suddenly they started kissing. I thought it must be a movie. But scene got worse when they both started removing their clothes and man was sleeping on a girl naked and the girl was screaming. It was a porn film. I was shocked. I looked at him. He was busy watching. I tried to ignore. I was very young to understand that. But I saw many scenes were the man was inserting his organ in her pussy. My Sir came and sat next to me. He looked at me and Asked me are you understanding anything. I didn’t say anything. He switched off the TV and Pulled me on his lap. I was so Shy. He said its the part of Girls life. He started telling me how he does this to his wife. I was listening to him as I don’t have any option. I told him I wanna go home. He said let’s both go at your home and I’ll tell ur mummy that I watched this flim with me. I was shocked. I was about to cry. I thought if my mummy came to know she will beat me very badly. I told him u forced me to watch. He said he won’t tell my mother and started to laugh. He brought a bottle of water and asked me to Finish it. While Writing I somehow finished a bottle of water. I wanted to pee. I told him I wanna use the bathroom. He followed me. But as soon as I was about to enter. He Picked me up And threw me on his bed. He removed my pant and panties. I tried to push him. But he was very strong. He removed all my clothes. He started to kiss me. He spread my legs and started to kiss my pussy. I wanted to pee badly. He spread my legs wide apart. He started to lick it and put his tongue in my hole. Because of wetness of his mouth I was not able to hold it anymore. I told him ‘Mujhe susu aai hai’ but he kept licking it. At last I was not able to hold it. I started to pee on his face. But instead of moving his face he started to suck it. He drank all my pee. I was really shy at that time. I was simply sleeping naked in front of my sir. Suddenly I started to cry. I felt bad that I was not able to control my pee. He came close and hugged me. He said ‘ kya hua mere baby ko, its okay, me Kisi ko nai bataunga, kal time pe aa jana.’ He gave my clothes and I went home. I was really scared. Next day I told my mom that I don’t wanna go to tution I’ll study on my own. But she scolded me and asked me to go. Next day again he gave a naughty smile. I know I don’t have any option. He again took me to his bedroom. He said he haven’t seen a beautiful girl like me in his entire life. He came closer and started to suck my lips. He showed me his Penis. It was thick as hell. He removed my clothes. asked me to sleep on my stomach. He buried his face in my ass and slept smelling my holes. He said ‘ Itni si hai tumhari choot but iski smell mujhe sone nai deti.’ He licked my butthole for half an hour. He asked me sleep on one side. I was sleeping naked showing my ass to him He put his Penis between my thighs and started to rub. I saw him Cumming. He was moaning. A white water like thing coming out of his Penis. He used to cum on my stomach, sometimes on my butts.

    Every Day I was asked to drink a bottle of water. And whenever I used to ask him for bathroom, he used to pull my pants down and ask me to sit on his face. He used to suck my pussy till I pee. Daily he used to drink pee from my pussy. Daily I saw him Cumming. Somedays he used to finger my butthole which was Really painful. He used to ask ‘Dard ho raha hai mere baby ko’ if I say yes he used to stop. He caressed me like a small baby. I used to sleep naked on him. He used to rub my back.

    One fine day he told my mother that he is shifting to some another city. And last time he wanted to revise my studies. I went. But that day he was acting like a gentlemen. He came close to me and hugged me tightly. He started crying. I felt really bad. I hugged him back. i tried to wipe his tears. He started to cry more and more. He said how innocent I am, inspite of troubling so much I am wiping his tears. He grabbed me like a baby and slept on his sofa saying Sorry Hundred times. He said I have a gift for You. He gifted me a brand new cycle of 15000. He kissed on my forehead and I left. I know I won’t see him from tomorrow.

    He thanked my mother. And wished me best of luck for my Studies. I saw him last time waving his hands from his car. I felt like crying. I don’t know why but that day I cried for whole night. I was emotionally attached to him. Days passed by. We moved to our own flat. I forgot about what he did to me. But I like him as a person. He was gently with me. He regretted what he did. He apologized at the end. I think that was a happy ending.

  3. My first teacher when I was 4 years old taught me how to masturbate. I realized it in my high school.
    Since my parents were working, one of my family friend used to come and rape me when I was 4/5 years old.
    I became addicted to masturbate without realising it’s adverse effect, eventually leading me to erectile dysfunction.
    I became a sex addict that I used to imagine sex at the age of 10.
    I am bisexual .
    I used to peep others changing clothes and bathing.
    I realized my mistake when I grew older and became aware of myself. I tried to reform my self. My girlfriend helped me to reform. Yes I told her my story.
    I don’t smoke, drink , neither had sex with anyone.
    Though sexual desires urges but I controlled my self.
    My girlfriend left me to marry someone else, still I love her to gift me this new life.
    I cry alone and feel very lonely in my life. I am 30 now, but didn’t marry. May not marry in future.

  4. This is my first answer on quora so bare with me.

    Let me introduce myself- I am an 18 y/o Indian girl currently in kota preparing for NEET’18.

    Like any other student I too had come over here with high hopes and determination to focus only on my studies but like any other student in kota I got distracted too. Here are the list of tings I ain’t proud of and only few people know about it:

    Take 1- Made a boyfriend in July. He used to stay just in my neighbouring hostel. Like an idiot fell for his sugar coated words and thought that he genuinely liked me. After 1 month got to know that all he wanted was sex. Meanwhile my parents had also started doubting that I’ve made a bf so anyways broke up with him.
    Take 2- Became really good friends with a guy at my tuition. Did not have any feelings for him. Platonic friendship. But that was one sided I guess. One day he called me up and asked for some notes. Told me he has been really sick and could not attend the classes so wanted to see my notes. I was cool with it. Felt a bit weird that why call me when he could have called any other guy but then I did not dwell much on it and went to give him the notes. Now here’s the catch. He told me we’ll meet somewhere near his hostel cause he was ill and couldn’t travel much but when I reached at that said place he told me that his hostel is like just two blocks away and he can’t come down so he asked me to come upstairs. Hesitating a bit I went along. When I reached his room he did not seem that ill to me and now I had started doubting his behaviour cause he was sitting too close to my liking. And that’s when he showed his true colours. He started touching my thighs my cheeks and tried to kiss me and when I pushed him, he pinned me down on bed and started forcing himself on me. I was crying and begging him to let me go cause there was no way way I could have pushed him off me. He was huge. He was pressing my boobs. Fumbling with the button of my jeans but like a true bollywood movie my best friends boyfriend came over and on hearing his knock this guy panicked and that was my cue to kick him and slide out from underneath him. I managed to open the door and run from there. (I know it sounds cliche but well thats my life.)

    That incident made me numb. Nor did i cry after reaching hostel nor did I react to anybodies word. After a week I finally broke down. I cried for solid 4 hours and then felt light. Complained about that guy in my tuition. Got him suspended and felt better. Had thought that now no more guy problems in kota but guess what? Take 3.

    Take 3 – 5th September, 2017

    My friends and I where prank calling few people out of fun and flirting with them. One amongst them was a guy(lets call him X) living in my neighbouring hostel whose room could be seen through my rooms window. Soon after this prank call X started calling daily and we used to talk every day for 5 to 6 hours.

    2nd October, 2017

    I had moved out from my hostel and shifted into a PG. The PG had three rooms. One was mine. One was of my best friend’s and the other one belonged to a different guy who was hardly ever seen out of his room. On the same night X proposed me and I accepted it. We gradually started meeting and hanging out. One day day we had decided to Netflix and chill at my place. Now all of you might have guessed that what happened next. Yes we did get horny and we did have sex. That was my first time. It felt good. Like tooo good. And because of this he started coming 3-4 times a week. On weekdays he would stay over at my place and we would watch movies, cuddle, have sex and so on. It was like a fairytale. And the best part of it all was that my marks weren’t getting affected too. So it was a win win situation.

    Things started to change when his elder brother got to know about it. Like in a bam he was a different person. It all ended in a blink of an eye. We where together for six months and even that wasn’t enough for him to fight for me. We broke up yesterday and now I feel used.
    Guilty for not focusing much on studies. Guilty for breaking my parents trust who would never have thought in a million years that I could do this. Guilty for trusting someone who ran away at the very first sight of a problem. He did not even have the courage to hold on and fight for a little longer.
    It’s like in kota, 80% crowd is only interested in screwing. Nothing else. Its a harsh truth which I learned the hard way.

    Now many people will say that its normal. I know its normal but not for me. It was disheartening and the most sad part is that I can’t share this with anyone. Because I feel ashamed to be judged that how could I lose my virginity so easily. Anyways now it feels good to get it off my chest.

    I hope in future I’ll be able to confide in someone and not be judged.

    Edit: I feel used because his behaviour proves that he was with me only for sex. If he genuinely liked me wouldn’t he have the decency to atleast give me a valid reason for breakup and not just disappear on me. It hurts to realise that the person you love doesn’t give a fuck about you.

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