What are the dirtiest secrets that you haven’t told anybody?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 19, 2020 05:20 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:20 AM

We are 4 friends (girls). All of us got married before 2 years. Not on the same day, but nearby months.

2 of us are staying outside the country after their wedding. But after my marriage, I was shifted to the other city. 4th one shifted to another city. I don’t want to tell the names of the cities, because I don’t want to let you all know the name of my country.

So, only 2 of us were there in the same country.

Before 3 months from today, I was thinking that I should give a surprise to my friend who is staying in the same country by visiting her in-laws house. I know her full address.

I booked tickets and went there before 2 months from now. She got surprise and was very happy (maybe).

It was my plan to stay for 10 days in the city. She insisted me to stay in her house for these 10 days and not in any hotel. I think that she was just doing formality. I accepted her offer (which I should not) and she was happy again (maybe).

Her husband is a gentleman, with a nice look and income. He loves her a lot. I know that because I had conversations with him many times on phone. As because, her mother-in-law already died before her marriage, there are only 3 members in her house including her as of now. She, her husband and her father-in-law.

So, the actual things begin from there.

I found that her father-in-law is a big pervert. He seeks for chances, so that he can touch her. And my friend don’t react on all these. He stares at her private parts. Sometime, he touches her thighs, sometime, he touches her neck, sometime, her butts and sometime, her waist. He was continuously touching her inappropriately and it was more shocking thing for me that she was not feeling his pervertness. She wears shorts in front of him and it reveals her thighs completely. I noticed that when he was touching her thighs which were not covered by any clothes, she neither was not removing his hand from there and nor asking him to remove his hand from there.

One day (my 7th day of staying in her house), I was in her room at afternoon, while she was in her kitchen. I was enjoying my internet in my mobile, but suddenly I heard that her father-in-law came in kitchen and after 5 minutes, I was able to hear their laughs (in low voice). I was able to hear that she was saying to him, “She can come there. It’s 3 days left now. After that, you can do whatever you want to do”. For which, he replied, “I can’t wait.” I was able to hear many things which were more than their expectations.

I slowly walked few steps to see what is happening and I got the biggest shock which I can never imagine.

Her father-in-law was grabbing her from behind and his hand was in her trousers. Instead of any defensive steps, she was laughing with him.

It was something like this below pic.

Image source : Google

In this picture, its showing that his hand is out, but her father-in-law’s hand was inside her trousers.

I was not able to say word at that time. To confirm that what I was watching is true or not, I got hide and saw them for 2 minutes. This is true, what I was watching. I was watching them from the place they can’t see me, but I can see them and their front part.

I don’t know that what forced her to do so. She have a nice husband. Don’t have any issues related with financial problems. Her husband loves her a lot. She is also very beautiful. Then, what is the reason behind it.

After that moment, I came back in room, booked my new ticket and started packing my bag. I told her that my mom is not well and I have to go.

I came back in my city. I never shared this with anyone. Don’t know why.

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