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      What are the famous things to eat in Multan?

      What are the famous things to eat in Multan?

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      Asked by aliyar on May 26, 2018 in Food.
      1 Answers

      Multan the City of Saints !

      It is my place of birth and I have been there several times. You might get amazed to know that Multan is one of the “Oldest Living Cities in the World.”

      Multan mythologically goes back to Noah’s times and it is said that his child came and settled here. According to Hindu mythology, Multan was founded by the Hindu sage Kashyapa. It is also said that Rig Veda was composed in Multan. Although there are many famous things to eat in Multan. I am listing down few:

      1. Sohan Halwa,
      2. Its fruit especially I would like to name Mango and Falsa (You must try its juice as well),
      3. Tawa Chicken Piece (At Dolat Gate),
      4. Baba Icecream (Nawan Sheher),
      5. Grilled Champ Mutton,
      6. Badami Kulfi (Infront of Muslim High School, LMQ Road Multan),
      7. Malik Allah Wasaya Fish Restaurant (Khuni Burj Multan),
      8. Samosa at Mamoo Samosa Corner (Nawa Sheher, MDA Chowk)
      9. And Gulab Jaman and Ras Gullay at Pakeeza Rewari

      And much more !!

      Visit City District Government Multan for more information

      Answered by aliyar on May 26, 2018..