What are the functions of the computer hardware?

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  1. I’m assuming you want a detailed answer.

    The main pieces of computer hardware are: Case, Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD/SSD, ODD, PSU

    Case – AKA chassis or frame:

    Holds the thing together. Optional part

    Motherboard – AKA mainboard or mobo

    Provides a common interface between other parts. Is where you mount CPU, insert expansion cards, and connect drives. Also sometimes distributes power to other parts. Holds the chipsets, which control other parts of the computer. Required part.

    CPU – AKA processor, formally Central Processing Unit

    Performs calculations on data. Commonly referred to as the “brain” of the computer. Required part.

    GPU – AKA graphics card, video card, graphics accelerator, formally Graphics Processing Unit

    Performs complex geometrical calculations to render video, usually dealing with hexagons. Required part. *

    RAM – AKA memory, formally Random Access Memory

    Holds data loaded in by processor, allows data to be processed more quickly. Required part.

    HDD/SSD – AKA hard drive, formally Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive

    Holds data long term, used to store all the crap you put on your computer. Required part.

    ODD – AKA CD drive, DVD drive, DVD burner, etc., formally Optical Disk Drive

    Reads optical disks (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc.). Optional part. **

    PSU – AKA power supply, formally Power Supply Unit

    Provides power to all other parts. Required part.

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