What are the main pros and cons of being a …


What are the main pros and cons of being a travel agent?

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  1. Some of the biggest pros for me are being able to meet new people, learning about their travel experiences, and planning memorable getaways for them.

    One of the biggest cons is only a con if you let it be. Just like any other small business starting out, you are responsible for locating and attracting your own clients, and you have to be very patient. The process can be frustratingly slow and, unless you get really lucky, you won’t earn a lot of money at first. You can either let it get you down, or you can challenge yourself to connect with new people on a nearly daily basis. Today I met a lady while I was dropping off books at the library, and we ended up talking about travel for 30 minutes.

    The field is also very competitive, so you need to find something that makes you unique. And, one of the most common misconceptions is that you get to travel for free. Definitely not the case! Discounted opportunities may come up from time to time, but free is very unusual, unless you book large groups or have a lot of volume (and I mean, A LOT of volume) with a particular travel supplier.

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