What are the main symptoms of TB?

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Originally Answered: What are the symptoms of lung TB?
Pulmonary Tuberculosis is the most common form of Tuberculosis as the conditions of the lungs are highly favourable for growth of the causative organism “Mycobacterium Tuberculi”, and also the organism has oro-nasal spread. This disease is a menace for the developing countries and persons living below poverty line and or are immuno-compromised.

This disease has two forms:-

Primary complex : where the person is infected for the first time and results in Ghon’s foci.
Secondary Tuberculosis: When the disease relapses .
Pulmonary Tuberculosis is a chronic granulatous disease and usually presents with :-

Loss of appetite
Loss of weight
Evening rise of temperature
Night sweats
Cough with expectoration
Pain chest
Shortness of breath
Ill look and poor General condition.
Few of the above mentioned symptoms may be absent. Also, a small percentage of population may be asymptomatic and diagnosis may be incidental.

Diagnosis is made by screening tests, Chest X-ray, Blood cell count, ESR, Mantoux Test , Adenosine Deaminase tests etc.

Treatment may last from 6 months to 18 months , depending upon the system involved, as well as type of drug regimen followed.

Recovery is good but one should take care to complete the course of treatment or else Drug resistance may develop,creating havoc for future.

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