What are the measures in Russia against coronavirus?


What are the measures in Russia against coronavirus?

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    Multiple important measures have been taken in Moscow:

    Quarantine for those who have been to any country where the virus spreads activity and for those who have had any contacts with them
    Financial support for those who quarantined regardless of their actual state of health; they all get paid sick leave
    Every negative business consequences which will occur due to quarantine are officially pronounced force major
    If someone violates the rules of quarantine, they will be punished (up to 5 years in prison)
    Public and private schools are closed until April; for those parents who can’t stay with their children in home, special groups will be opened (no more than 10 students), the rest of children get online education
    University students get online education
    Employers are advised to use online work when possible
    Events that involve more than 50 people are canceled
    Theaters and museums are being closed
    City vehicles are being disinfected every day; also citizens are advised try not to use them
    Body temperature is being measured every day in working places, in subway, in hospitals of every kind
    Visiting of patients who have been hospitalized is being forbidden, no matter what illness they have
    Regular reports on the situation in Internet and the Hotline where you can get accurate information on the situation
    A new hospital building will be built specially for treatment of the patients infected with CV
    The Antiplague laboratory in Moscow has started to work on diagnostic of the virus
    The largest of Moscow’s shopping centers, e.g. the Aviapark, has taken additional measures to sanitarize all working spaces; administrators sanitarize visitor’s hands, the same does Auchan (a big chain shop where you can buy food)
    Biggest chain shops try to provide additional supplies of food in their shops
    Restrictions of Avia flights, clothing the borders with some countries

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