What are the most naughty things you did with a significantly older person?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:09 AM

We discovered that she made wine in a shed behind her house and one night, we swiped a couple of bottles. It tasted awful but we were kids and it was forbidden fruit.

The next night, I decided to grab a couple more bottles. They were at the back of the shed and when I turned around, she was standing in the doorway.

She said, “ I wonder if I should call your parents or the police.”

Of course I begged her not to. I’d never do it again.

She got this wicked grin and stepped inside and shut the door but she was still blocking it.

She said, “ so you don’t want me to call them?” again, I asked her not to.

She said she wouldn’t if I chose to be punished right here. I asked what the punishment was and she shook her head.

She said I had to tell her to punish me here and now.

I tried to ask again what the punishment was and finally said I’d take my punishment here.

She smirked and asked if I was sure. I said yes.

She told me to take off my shoes. I did. I was trembling with fear.

She said take off me shirt and then my jeans. I stood there in my underwear and was terrified.

She asked if I’d ever had sex. I said yes and she asked how many times. I told her a few times with my ex girlfriend.

She told me to drop my drawers. I was humiliated as I did. She said my cock looked big enough. Then she asked if I beat off. I admitted that I did. She said for me to do it.

My hand was visibly shaking as I stroked it. She told me to come to her and she spun me around, pulled me against her and her hand went to my penis and she started stroking it. She asked if it felt good and I admitted that it did. I came soon and she watched it spurt all over the floor.

She made me leave my clothes in the shed and follow her to her house naked.

She sat in a big chair and told me to kneel in front of her. Then she said play with my tits. I was kneeling on the floor reaching up to grab her tits and play with them.

Soon she said take her shirt off and her bra. So I’m kneeling there squeezing them and her hand pulled my head forward so I was sucking them. She was squirming and moaning with pleasure. Soon she stood and told me to pull her pants off.

I’m on my knees with my face inches fro her and she said that I should take her panties off.

I slid them down and she asked if I’d ever kissed my girlfriend down there. I said, a little. She said that tonight, I was going to learn how to do it properly.

I followed her to the bedroom. She laid on the bed and pulled me between her legs and said I should kiss her. I pushed my tongue into her and she instructed me about how to give her pleasure.

I was there for a long time and she came several times. She said that she’d need that for a long time.

She pushed me back until I was on my back and said she wanted to look at me more closely. She started to examine my cock and balls, playing with them and it felt great. Then she leaned down and took me in her mouth and went all the way down.

My girlfriend had reluctantly taken me in her mouth but it was nothing like this. She could be soft and gentle and then she’d suck so hard I was feeling ecstatic.

She stopped and pulled me on top of her and told me to go in gently. When I was inside her, she told me to fuck her as hard as I could.

I lifted her legs and knelt there and rammed into her. She cried out, yes, like that. I was slamming into her so hard her tits bounced with each thrust. I could feel my balls slapping against her.

She kept urging me to do it as hard as I could. I was about to come and told her and tried to pull out but she didn’t let me. I came again inside her and it felt fantastic.

We lay there for a while and she said, you are young. Can you do it again. Of course I said I could.

She rolled over and lifted her ass and said I should do it again and to do it as hard as possible. I got behind her and slid in again and she kept urging me to pound it into her harder.

When we were spent, she said she was glad I’d chosen to let her punish me but this was only the first part of my punishment. She said that I should come back tomorrow night and get punished again. She said I should keep my mouth shut about it.

My friends started to wonder why I rarely showed up for our nightly escapades any more, but I never admitted that I had to go for more punishment.

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