What are the must read magazines and articles for IAS preparation?

What are the must-read magazines and articles for IAS preparation?

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    Thanks for A2A.

    For different sections you can follow different magazines, they are not very bulky so you can easily cover them :-

    1. If you are asking about current affairs then you can follow VAJIRAM or VISION magazines. + any PIB monthly compilation available online. ( These are hardly around 100 pages + if you read the hindu nicely , you will not feel difficulty covering these within 10 days )
    2. For Extra :- YOJANA is must, because it’s language will improve your answer writing too. & If you have optional related to governance/pub ad. Go through KURUKSHETR also. ( Both are hardly around 50–60 pages, so can be covered within a week)These two will cover govt initiatives in detail.
    3. I would not suggest you to burden up with a lot of magazines. I think above 3 combinations are more than enough. But if there are any other magazines you can have a look at , then they are SCIENCE REPORTER & EPW. BUT only if you have time. At last you can arrange their summaries to look at. ensure you cover atleast 1 current affairs magazine + pib + yojana ( for kurukshetr you can take up summaries available online )

    So every month ,within 3 weeks you can cover all these if you read some pages daily ( 15–20 ) which is not a tough task. And in the last week you can revise all.

    Answered on January 13, 2019.
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